There is a female character when Loading and playing Grand Theft Auto V, which Lindsay Lohan says is her. But now it is clear for about 3 hours ago that she lost the case agains Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar.

Grand Theft Auto V game character will Stay

Lindsay Lohan loses case against Grand Theft Auto V developer

At New York state’s highest court, Lindsay Lohan’s case against Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar over a Grand Theft Auto 5 character was rejected about 3 hours ago.

Lindsay Lohan claimed that the Grand Theft Auto 5 character Lacey Jonas, who appears in an in-game event, was an unlawful use of her likeness.

A New York Supreme Court judge ruled against Lohan, Polygon which was upheld by the Court of Appeals. The question came down to whether Lacey Jones, which was also heavily featured on promotional materials the box and disc art for the game, could be considered a portrait of Lindsay Lohan.

Grand Theft Auto V game character will Stay

The ruling does note that video game characters can serve as a likeness, similar to photographs and other depictions, even if the Lacey Jones character did not apply to Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan has the option to appeal to the United State Supreme Court, Polygon notes, but she would have to prove that the state’s privacy laws conflict with Constitutional law or precedent.


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