You loved the very first Outrun, Lotus, Sega Rally or even Ridge Racer. They are all racing games that people remember. Gran Turismo is another one, that made Playstation, Playstation 2, Playstation 3 and now will make Playstation 4 extremely popular. If Mario is for Nintendo, then Gran Turismo is the same thing for Sony and its Playstation console. It is their icon or selling game that have pushed Playstation as a name forward.

Pure Beauty of the New gameplay can be seen in this E3 video shared on YouTube

Speed, Beauty and Adrenaline
Gran Turismo is one of the most realistic driving games ever made, that gives Sony the crown that this game deserves to be. It is the exclusive game that push the car racing development further and further. The cars, the atmosphere and everything in this game is what a car maniac should love. Their cars are true beautiness, but what I do miss is open worlds to drive in. It just feels a bit odd to not be able to explore the city you are driving it more than you can do. Also fences that aren’t fences is something I feel odd in types of games like this.

Gran Turismo Sport is the world’s first racing experience to be built from the ground up to bring global, online competitions sanctioned by the highest governing body of international motorsports, the FIA (Federation International Automobile). Create your legacy as you represent and compete for your home country or favorite manufacturer through multiple race class, including GT3, Prototype, Rally, and more.