goprohero3Many people goes to electronic stores, where you usually meet a salesman which wants to sell you something that you don’t want. It is so frustrating sometimes, but on other times like with the new GoPro cameras. You see them everywhere and anywhere. You might get a wrong impression?

Normally, video camera stores tells you to buy cameras for money that you don’t have. But here, when GoPro mentions in their commercials that you will be a hero when buying their products, you will be. Yes, they launch new products and the addons for it is expensive, but it is not! With GoPro, you can be sure to be able to make shortfilms, musicvideos and even movies. You have so much control and the filming quality will amaze you. It is just stunning.

I can try to say something about this product, but I really can’t. I haven’t been bought by GoPro to write these words and sentences to you. It is me which really have been amazingly blown away.


goprohero31When you go to any electronic or photo store. You will notice GoPro stands. In larger stores, they even provide a TV demonstrating it capabilities. You might think that the store have tuned the TV in the way that you will buy it. But the truth, and I have been testing my GoPro since Monday. The TV demonstration quality is what you get and even more!

You may think that GoPro is too tiny and can’t be used as there is no lcd screen, showing whats going on. You can go the expensive way by buying an LCD addon for GoPro, but there is also a free alternative which blown me away. Yes you can film with the camera, change its settings and turn it on and off by pressing its buttons. But the most interesting and less-expensive way to go is to download their own GoPro App from Google Play, Windows Store and App Store. With this app, you turn your GoPro app to a professional camera. All you need is GoPro and their GoPro app. Really!

With their app, you can turn your camera on and off. You can preview and record while watching what you are recording! You can change the settings on your camera with GoPro App and also view films that you have made. Be sure to have wifi on, by turning it on your GoPro camera first. The camera will be blinking blue.


Once you have set up your GoPro camera and charged it fully. You are ready to go! Filming with GoPro is easy. You either turn it on manually or you can use the GoPro App for that. Then just press the recording button and you start filming.

Filming is easy with the camera, but for more stable filming. You can attach the GoPro to your bike, car or a tripod (not included in the package).

The sound quality from the internal microphone is mind-blowing. I mean its just stunning, compare to anything that I’ve tried so far. If your not satisfied. You can buy a USB to mini-jack converter. I used my GoPro camera to film a concert at Bien bar in Bergen. The result was far better than expected.


MoreInfoButtonxXxFor the price, this camera is available from 2000,- NOK to 3000,- NOK. There are newer GoPro HERO 3+ cameras, but the HERO 3 is as good. They are even getting cheaper now as the new 3+ series have arrived. So you can get a superb camera for almost nothing. With my Black Edition, I got a wifi remote control. I don’t know how much I will use that as I’ve got so used to the GoPro App, but I guess it will come in handy some day.

I like that I have the choices between 4K, 1080p, 720p down to WVGA in video resulutions. I like that the camera is small and that the cage surrounding it allows it go dive into lakes and rivers. I like the GoPro App and I also like to see that GoPro cares and have released updates for HERO 3 Black Edition that I have.

This is a totally 10 out of 10 score. There is simply no other product out there that can match GoPro in price and specificatons. Try it. You will be filming amazingly from the very first second.