Have you waited for a good photo organizer? Don’t look further! Here it is! Google’s new Photos app is already launched! The new app is ready for Android, iOs and your browser!

Replaces the Google+ function

What does the new app mean for you? You will not be so dependent by Google+.

Unlimited storage of photos and videos

Save as much as you want! There are no limits anymore! (Allows you to save unlimited of 1080p videos and up to 16MP photos)

Easier to select photos quicker

With the new Google Photos, it’s easier to see more photos. It’s just to pinch to zoom, and you will have an impressive overview, better than ever before! Google Photos also makes it more convenient to select photos quicker. Just press and hold, then swipe.

Easier to navigate, introducing a Photo assistant

Navigation is also revolutinary: Just swipe left of right and you find your collections, there’s even an assistant. This results to find the photos faster, as all photos are automatically organized. You will stil syncronize the photos with an active wifi connection.

We love this new app and we gonna use it everyday.