You think that Facebook is the worst in the spying on everyone’s privacy? No! Google is even listening to what you are saying thru your Microphone so that they can serve you correct adverts that is all about what you are talking about.

Mitch on YouTube is Testing if Google is always Listening or not

Google is listening to what people is talking about thru the Microphone

Mitch is asking in the video above if Google is listening to what people is talking about thru the Microphone?

We all know about the huge case against Facebook in USA, but how about Google? They aren’t small neither. So, the question Mitch was if ‘Do they listen in and record conversations?’ Does Google actually listen to what is been spoken even when web browser windows aren’t open? He performs a live test in the video above on Google, to discover whether Google listens to his microphone even when his web browser is turned off to target it’s advertisements better.

The answer is YES. While it is very shocking. The truth is that all of the bigger companies does this for targeting the advertisements better. So, what happens to your social life? To your private life? Google knows what you’re talking about or at least those companies that have made these features that enables everyone’s microphones. It’s scary and a proof of that no one can hide themselves on-line anymore.

Use alternative operating systems where you know that turning off your microphone means No Disturbance

In our network of niche sites, Distrita got which is a Amiga magazine site. Maybe its time to start using something else than Windows, MacOS or even Linux? Microsoft have even announced a Linux Operating system made by them . How far do these giants wants to go? Destroying every market that is alternative, so they can commercialize it? The future is really uncertain if people continues believing the giants. They were nice to have when they didn’t spy, but spying thru peoples microphones? Now, that’s not nice.


Mitch with Live Google Listening Test on YouTube