A judge in Philadelphia, has ordered Google to comply with e-mails that are stored outside the US. We found this article on Engadget and decided to share it here.

Google Must disclose data to FBI
The decision comes in connection with a fraud investigation conducted by the FBI, and opposes a recent judgment that bears similarities with this. Microsot was also used in a similar case, but Microsoft won.

Microsoft used in a similar case
In January, Microsoft  managed to win over US authorities, after US government wished that the IT giant should disclose foreign data which company refused.

In its judgment, it emerged that judges can not deliver out a warrant for information stored on servers outside the United States. The court ruled that “the Stored Communications Act” does not apply to investigations outside the country. Investigators wanted to collect personal emails from Microsoft’s servers in Ireland.

Google has stated that they will appeal against the decision. The way that US government and also other countries wants to control the net is very frustrating for people that grew up with the net that got inventetd. The net should be free and E-mails is like someones home. By leting someone into your home without you knowing it, would you be comfortable with it? I don’t think so!