Until recently. YouTube which is owned by Google, was working just fine for users using other web browsers than Google Chrome and Firefox. Now it seems like Google is throwing out other webkit browsers like OWB for AmigaOS 4, MorphOS and AROS. This means that users is forced to use other operating systems because of Google’s actions.


What is OWB web browser!?

OWB is a webkit browser that have full HTML5 support, SSL support and some Flash support. Many Amiga users uses this browser, but after Google started to block YouTube for OWB users, people cant use YouTube to its fully potential anymore. People are simply forced to not use their most beloved operating system. Not everyone wants to use Windows or OSX for web browsing. This is certainly not good and just makes lots of web users irritated.

It’s still possible to login to Gmail and Calendar, but YouTube just directs OWB users to this Oops page. It doesn’t help to change language or anything. This have been tested for a longer time now with the Norwegian part of YouTube, but other OWB users from other countries have also mentioned for Distrita that it’s the same case in their country.

What is the reason behind Google’s actions? It is really hard to get someone to communicate with at Google, but Distrita won’t give up until we get the answer. YouTube videos still works, but login and the possibility to upload videos from an Amiga to YouTube is now impossible.

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