Many thinks of Google’s Chrome is the best web browser for their MacBooks (including myself). What I didn’t know is that it is actually draining its battery quite a lot. Is this a OSX issue? Or what? …

The idea that Chrome is a big and profligate battery drain on MacBooks has existed almost as long as the browser has been available, and most benchmarks reiterate it by showing Chrome’s gluttonous consumption of system resources for seemingly basic tasks.

If I’m taking off on a trip from London, then Safari would be with me all the way to Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taipei, or Seoul. Chrome would require a pit stop to recharge somewhere over the Indian subcontinent.

I haven’t tested this which The Verge says, but its really interesting. Also another interesting note from the very same article:

You’d think YouTube would be a spot where Google collects an easy win, but that’s been another cause of distress: the new 4K 60fps videos that YouTube now supports are playable on the MacBook, but only — you guessed it — when using Safari and not Chrome. Google’s own browser chokes while playing back video from Google’s own video service.

Distrita will test this and come back with a real test. Is this only affecting MacBooks? Or is it also affecting laptop PC’s? If so, it is quite serious. And if Google knows about this problem,, its even more serious. Google have also issues with YouTube accounts on other browsers been blocking, while they say that there is no problem. Have Google become to big?

Read the whole The Verge article about this topic Here!

So for now. Try to use Safari or Firefox on OSX if you notice that your battery life on your MacBook is getting lower faster when using Google Chrome.