When you try to download worlds most popular Torrent program, Utorrent. Google Chrome claims its dangerous and refuses you to download the .exe file. Trying to download Utorrent with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or OWB gives no such error. Have someone made Google do this? Who?

Anyway. Google Chrome now claims that by download this software it might harm your computer. The problem seems to be only present with the latest stable version, – Is this done on purpose or a bug?

What is a Torrent file?
A torrent file is like any other files that you have on your disk. A difference from picture and archive files is that a torrent file is used with a Torrent program to share and get software, pictures or music files. These can be legal or illegal. The most easiest way to describe how a torrent file works, is to use a torrent program and load up the torrent file. There you see that the file you try to download got peers and seeds. A torrent file needs many uploaders to work faster. If there is only few sharing the file you want to download, then it will take ages to download but if there are hundreds or even thousands of people sharing the same file. Then the download speed will be quite high unless the others sharing this file have bad internet speed limit.

A torrent file is as illegal as downloading a picture from someone without their permission. So, torrent files shouldn’t never be the negative thing, but the people which shares the illegal content. Big difference here.