Light Rail People Mover Service started in Gmunden, Gmunden with people mover service thru the town, Tiny Gmunden got their light rail network finally

Good news for commuters in the area of ​​the Traunseetram. This is the light rail local tram line that runs through Gmunden. It is a small town with only 14.500 in population in Austria, Europe.

Gmunden got at 18.4km light rail tram route that connects several small towns in the area. The original tram section was only 2.3km long but since the summer of 2018, it is all run by low floor light rail tram-trains. Now they increase the timetable!

I saw this news about the positive timetable change that will happen on the 15th of December 2019. It means that people can walk to a warm light rail tram instead of using a cold car to and from work. Excellent!

Timetable change on 15th of December 2019

With the timetable change on the 15th of December, there are more connections between Engelhof and Gmunden in the morning and evening on weekdays.

This means that the timetable will be better for all in the area. So it is even great news for those that want to leave their car behind but can’t because of a timetable that’s not compatible. Travel green in the Gmunden area is now becoming better in this area with this increase in services.

More changes in the future for Traunseetram

In the future, the light rail tram network around Gmunden will be going on weekdays between Engelhof and Gmunden in both directions every 10 minutes.

But from 15th of December from Monday to Friday, between 17.30 (5.30 pm) and 19.30 (7.30 pm), the clock was shortened from 30 to 20 or 10 minutes between Gmunden station and Engelhof.

Mini Gmunden Traunseetram FAQ

Map of Gmunden in Austria, Europe

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