Godzilla is loved by the Japanese. This city destructive creature got a very special place for Japanese hearts and is made into the Godzilla movies both in Japanese and American sci-fi versions of the movies. Only In Japan person John have been visiting this majestic New statue in his video below. Support him for what he is doing. John is very talented and makes many hours of great documentary for YouTube viewers. So, if you are interested in Japan. Check out his Only In Japan GO channel on YouTube.

The Godzilla’s child is back in Tokyo, Japan

When you eventually take the trip to the capital of Japan which is Tokyo. Then you should visit the cinema square where you find this totally new statue of Godzilla’s child. The old statue that stood for decades in the cinema square in Yurakucho / Hibiya is gone. The new Tokyo Midtown Hibiya building and shopping mall is up and open for people to explore. It is worth checking it out.

This new statue is for sure worth the visit to this square and place in Tokyo. Take a photo, make a video or just sit down and relax beside Godzilla’s child.

Here you find the cinema square in Tokyo, Japan on Google Maps

You also find the original Godzilla statue in Tokyo. Godzilla is placed in front of the TOHO building and this is one of Godzilla’s child. It is really majestic and all the details that you find on the statue is just breathtaking as John says in the video. This is why I love watching YouTube documentaries from Japan. The variety of places in all places of Japan is really stunning.

There isn’t a Godzilla film wiki available, but if you are interested in checking out the movies search for it on this Godzilla Google search link.


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