Amiga WIFIA nice user on the Commodore Amiga group on Facebook, shared a picture of his Amiga 1200 which is connected thru Internet via WIFI (Wireless). He also writes that WIFI on A1200 with aca1221, the net experience he have works like a charm. He even states that its “Almost easier than configuring via Ethernet.” His router has wpa2 only, so he created a mac-address that is filtered, WEP, hidden connection on his synology NAS and it worked out nicely he writes.

How to get Amiga 1200 in Easy 5 steps on a WIFI network?

1. Get a PCMCIA network card
2. Download WIFI program and card driver from Aminet
3. Download a TCP/IP stack like AmiTCP, Miami or Roadshow
4. Transfer Aweb, Ibrowse or Netsurf to it
5. Download more apps and Surf the web!

The web experience on a Amiga 1200 is pretty limited. Remember that the standard CPU is 68020 14.18MHz. However, there are many CPU cards available for Amiga 1200 which helps a lot. The most known cards are the 68030 50MHz ones, but you also got 68040 and 68060 cards. Netsurf 68k which is the most advanced broswer for AmigaOS 68k requires minimum a 68030 CPU card with co-math processor installed. If you run it on 68040 or 68060 Amiga 1200, the speed will help a lot. However, if you just surf HTML websites. Then IBrowse or Aweb works great also. Another last tip is that with just basic AGA Amiga, you will only be able to see 256 colours at most. But if you install PCI upgrade, your Amiga 1200 can even take a ATI Radeon 9200 card for a way better surf experience.