Gmunden Austria is for sure a city that not so many knows anything about. It is a city that feels like a village because of its population just above 13000. This town in Austria is most known in the world for it’s tram route. It was one of world’s shortest tram lines, but  that is history now. Because, since 1st of September. This tram line is now converted to a light rail network route.

But Gmunden is not just about it’s famous tram! So, here we bring you a tiny guide. It features some top things to do and see in Gmunden. Let’s reveal this mystical but one of the most pristine cities in the world for you!…

Gmunden Austria is One of World's most Pristine Cities in The World

Lovely Castles and Nature surrounding Gmunden Austria

One of the most interesting sights in the town is their Schloss Ort, which you see in the top of this article. This is a castle that sits within the city borders and is really beautiful.

If you come to Gmunden with the tram, which most of people use that visits the town take. Then you can go off at Gmunden Kuferzeile tram station. From there you walk down to the lake and you will see Schloss Ort!

Gmunden Austria City center is also a Worthy visit

There are also a great number of excursions and points of interest round Gmunden, specially worth mentioning being is the town hall which is a popular tourist destination. The city center of Gmunden is really lovely, with the tram running thru it.

Also, just near the K-Hof Kammerhof museum you can notice and see the tram running thru two city gates sort of. If you go off on Gmunden Rathausplatz tram station. This special entrance sits just 60 meters to the east of the station. From here you can also walk to the bridge in Gmunden. This bridge takes you over the Traun river that ends into the Traunsee lake which is pretty huge.

Gmunden Austria is One of World's most Pristine Cities in The WorldGrünberg-Seilbahn is a totally New cable car tram that is Worth the Visit to Gmunden Austria

On the other side of Traun river. You find Grünberg-Seilbahn. It’s so new that Google Maps doesn’t show it on its map. But it is only 450m south of Gmunden Klosterplatz tram station. Just follow the road Schiffslände that is built next to the river and you will find this attraction. It’s spectacular indeed!

The Grünberg cable car will bring you comfortably and barrier-free up to 1,004 metres above Gmunden town. Its a spectacular way to get the view of Traunsee lake and Gmunden itself. This cable car tram service consists of two modern and large cabins. Each of them got room for 60 persons even. So, it doesn’t take long time to wait at all.

Gmunden Austria is One of World's most Pristine Cities in The WorldReach the Grünberg mountain in a Different way from Gmunden Austria

On the Grünberg mountain there are lots of leisure facilities. The top also contains an  adventure playground, Grünbergflitzer, low ropes course as well as a wide range of hiking trails offer adventures and fun for the whole family.

The offer is topped of by marked bike trails, paraglider starting point as well as the mavelous hiking path to Laudachsee.

So. If you want to visit this town. There is so much fun to do for people that loves nature and transit. This town might have a small number of people living there. But on the other hand. This is a really beautiful town in Austria, Europe. We highly recommend it.

For more prices and way more info about the cable car service. Please do checkout their website here.

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