In European countries such as the Netherlands and Denmark. They have tons of roads for biking stretching all over these bike-friendly countries. In these countries, it is safe to bike as most of the bicycle paths are separated from the car traffic.

Also, a lot of areas in Germany, Poland, Sweden, and France got many kilometers with bike roads both in city centers and between villages. But here in Norway, we also have more and more of them too. But the politicians here seem to not taking bicycle path development seriously enough. But it is improving a little by little.

It is really nice seeing this idea of getting attention. We really need to make biking safer everywhere.

Photo: TPA Sp. z o.o. – The bicycle paths glow as shown in the picture above

Fewer fatalities with this solution from Poland

All bicycle paths in Europe will take benefit from this. Also, other countries where the electricity is expensive this will help the economy in many parts of the world. Many of the fatalities that are happening on the roads happen when a bike and a car hit each other. Those that use a bike are often the part that breaks a leg or even dies in many cases with a fatal encounter with a car or a truck.

So many politicians and idea makers all over the world have scratched their heads a lot for what can be done to reduce these fatalities. People should never die because of travel. Also, biking is good for the environment. You can get fast from A to B fast and parking is often no issue at all. Biking also got great benefits for the health but in towns where bikers meet the car traffic. There should be better solutions.

Most of the fatal bike accidents happen at night. Most of the people in the world that uses a bicycle are simply naive and bikers often don’t use lights in front and back as they should. Many don’t follow the traffic rules which result in accidents that shouldn’t happen is happening. So what this Polish invention can do for bikers, seems to be a very good solution for people that need to use their bikes at night.

These new and very interesting glowing bicycle paths that are produced by the TPA laboratory in Pruszków, Poland. It is a totally new concept for improving biking in the night for people. Because these bicycle paths contain phosphors which are a synthetic substance that is charged by daylight and then emit accumulated energy at night. Brilliant! This can save many lives for sure.

Photo: TPA Sp. z o.o. – The glowing bicycle paths are beautiful and make the night trip safer with a bike

Bike trails or paths near me exist in Poland

I am born in this town with glowing paths. So this is very interesting. I am writing about the very first bicycle path with a glowing light that was created near Lidzbark Warmiński, which is a town located in the northeastern part of Poland. The blue effect that these bicycle paths got during the night is spectacular and very handy. So I am looking forward to seeing them next summer for sure.

These types of bike trails or paths near me glow after dark. Then the bike path glows with a quite calm blue light for everyone to notice while biking. This makes it a lot safer for people to bike in the night time for sure.

Also, these bicycle paths reduce the need for a traffic light. It can save money and at the same time be very useful.

  • The material from which we created the bicycle path is able to give light for more than 10 hours. This means that throughout the night the path emits light energy and accumulates it again the next day – says Dr. Eng. Igor Ruttmar, president of TPA sp.z o.o. – Importantly, the effect is only due to the properties of the aggregate used, without the need for additional energy sources. To build a path near Lidzbark Warmiński, we chose phosphorus glowing in blue to maintain consistency with the Masurian landscape.

Explanation of the Glowing Phosphorus: THE process of the slow luminous oxidation of phosphorus presents anomalies that are still incompletely understood. Thus, the non-occurrence of a glow in pure oxygen until the pressure is reduced to about 500 mm. of mercury, or an equivalent dilution with inert gas is made, is very striking. No less difficult to explain is the ability of traces of certain vapors to inhibit the luminosity. These features are also exhibited in the slow oxidation of phosphorus trioxide, and it has been suggested that the phenomena of the glow of phosphorus are due to the trioxide formed in preliminary non-luminous oxidation. Again, phosphine does not react with oxygen at ordinary pressures, but on reducing the pressure an explosion occurs. –

Its interesting seeing using human nature knowledge for this purpose. Another nice usage for these phosphorus glowing paths and lines would be perfect for Light Rail or Metro stations that aren’t so much used outside of city centers. That would save lots of energy for showing light at stations that aren’t so much used. Also in Scandinavia, the sun never goes down during summertime so it would be handy to use.

Waldemar Królikowski, which is the director of the Provincial Road Board in Olsztyn, Poland claims in the Polish newspaper that the shining path improves cyclists’ safety after dark. A similar path already exists in the Netherlands. To be honest, it was an inspiration for us to implement a similar investment in Poland. However, our technology is different and, unlike the Dutch solution, this one does not require any additional power supply, Królikowski writes.

Glowing bicycle path Interest

Mikołaj Pieńkos from the Warsaw City Road Authority says about the glowing bicycle path with interest but also reserve: – The topic is fresh, we haven’t had time to analyze this technical solution yet. We do not know the properties of this material, e.g. its durability and whether it is safe for nature.

Can such material be used to build bicycle paths in Oslo, Norway? Half of the year it is dark in the capital of Norway and northern parts of Scandinavia. In winter many people like to use their bikes here so such glowing bicycle paths would be really handy and give a lot fewer bike accidents in the capital. The more we can prevent fatalities in the traffic, the better it will be for everyone and such glowing bicycle paths seems to be a very nice idea. Especially since it doesn’t need any extra power supply.

We think that this idea is really great. Now the question is what the price of constructing such bicycle paths will be. Distrita will follow this news topic for sure. This is very interesting.

Source and Photo: TPA Sp. z o.o., Source: Nature – Contributed to our E-mail!