People from all corners of the world seems to see the U.S. President movements as treats to the stability in the world. 84% of Japanese people are now becoming concerned about the U.S. administrations actions.

Global instability
According to Kyodo News survey that is described on website, 84% of Japanese people are worried which was revealed after a survey that was done on Saturday and Sunday.

Concern in Japan over ties with the United States has grown since Trump withdrew from the 12-country Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade pact, initiated by his predecessor and championed by Abe.

The president has also accused Japan of trade practices in the automobile sector that are “not fair” to U.S. companies, while it also remains uncertain how far Washington will commit to defending Japan under the countries’ security pact.

It seems like U.S. President movements have made both Japan and especially China in a different mood towards U.S.

Regarding Japan-U.S. ties, 54.6% of the respondents said relations will deteriorate, 34.4% said bilateral ties will remain the same and 4.5% said they will improve.

In the latest survey, 52.6% favored pursuing a bilateral trade deal with the United States, while 36.4% said there is no need.

Seems like the new U.S. President pushes “America First” to new levels every day. The USA will just be full of demonstrations and unstability under his leadership. This isn’t what the world needed in 2017.