Mexican girl of nine year old gave birth a baby in late January and is in good health, originally from the village of Ixtlahuacán in Guadalajara, Jalisco,  She was seen on January 27 by doctors at the Hospital General de Occidente, made him cesarean, “For his age, his body is not fit and in the best position to have a baby”, so the baby was born “via Caesarean section,” the doctor explained to reporters, before and after birth, the girl received psychological care, the girl also received a subdermal implant to prevent other pregnancy, a procedure that was approved by the mother,

The alleged father of the baby is a boy 17-year-old, who left the State of Jalisco in search of work, but until now they not know of his whereabouts.

The prosecution is in search of the boy, who could face charges of child sexual abuse, the penalty ranges from one to 20 years in prison.

Hospital Zoquipan.

Source: Excélsior