Another evidence that Australians think different!

In Melbourne, Australia, a new service just has been launched! Believe it or not! The new way of delivery has already got a name: Jafflechute! The Australians are experts in funny names! The new service means that you get a toast (jaffle) delivered with a mini parachute (chutes).

You have to order from jafflechute’s very own website ( and order the toast for approximately $6 AUD, pay it with PayPal, and go to a dropzone at a special given time, and then it’s just waiting for a toast falling down from the sky! It seems like the parachutes are still in a beta period, and not open for all occassions yet… But we liked the idea, and would like to get something similar in Europe next, please!

For the love of Jafflechutes from Klaus Fritz on Vimeo.