Good looking tramway for Transport Fever 2

A nice new tram can be used in Transport Fever 2. A transport tycoon alike game that we have been covering a lot. Since December the game started to get some updates and it is nice to see more content that arrives all the time to the service. This new Siemens Avenio T Munich tram is made by marc345 on Steam Workshop is a very good looking tram.

All of Siemens Avenio T Munich specifications

  • Passengers interior
  • Lights and door animations
  • Many camera angles
  • Individual color painting
  • Emissive direction signs and variable line number, end station (first stop of the line) and next stop on the inside
  • Original sounds
  • Dirt
  • Lods
  • Automatic pricing
  • DDS textures
  • I will not support the blinking feature until UG implements it properly. At the moment they cannot blink when turning

When you have downloaded this package for Transport Fever 2. It is important that you activate it in the game. If you play the real game you will get it in 2014 in the game. Then the Life span is 40 years and the
passenger capacity is 54.

You will get two versions when getting this one. One is normal and the other one with the illuminated interior for darker environments that is compatible with the Night Mod for Transport Fever 2.

If you use the night mod for the game. Then it will look like this

Great new tramways for Transport Fever 2

These new trams from marc345’s Workshop provide a very nice natural look to them in the game. Also, more importantly, they provide a Munich type of tramway that is used there which is pretty awesome to have in the town that you are making in Transport Fever 2.

I really love that Transport Fever 2 got support for mods. With even more fixes done for the game itself. This game will have a bright future.

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Source: Steam Workshop