Why didn’t the developers do more about the vanilla game? When Paradox released the first transit DLC upgrade for the game with trams after a huge demand from the uses, the tram that was released for the game didn’t look like trams at all. Why?

But because of people’s creativity, they improve things for Cities Skylines that should have been added by the main team. So, because of that and the fact that Paradox has opened the game for modders and assets makes. Gamers of Cities Skylines get amazing good looking tramway trains such as this one that you can find in LordGruny’s Workshop creativity corner on Steam. Cities Skylines is a city builder that wouldn’t be the same without the fantastic modders.

With this tramway upgrade from Steam Workshop, all of the trams that run on your map will look really life alike compared to the standard ones. Together with the package, you get two gorgeous looking trams in different lengths.

So if you have too short tram stations. Now it is the time to get yourself the very useful Move It mod. Also, you could download the Extended Public Transportation mod but since the Patch/DLC EPTUI this mod has become obsolete. All functionality has been integrated into the base game by Colossal Order. Advanced Vehicle Options is another mod that you should get too as this one is even recommended too.

So just pick the tramway line that you have built and chose these tram vehicles from LordGruny’s Workshop

Great Looking Tramways for Cities Skylines

The Bordeaux Tramway for Cities Skylines was started in December 2013. A particular feature of the Bordeaux tramways that is based on the ones in France. These types of tramways got a ground-level power supply system including overhead power. The ground-level is used in the city center to avoid overhead wires that can spoil the view of buildings is taken into consideration when these tramways were made for Bordeaux in France.

These are the two tramways that come with this package

  • Alstom Citadis 302 – 33 meters, 5 elements – 218 passengers
  • Alstom Citadis 402 – 44 meters, 7 elements – 300 passengers

The first one is great for having in a layout that got shorter stations while the other one should be made for a light rail service system in the city that you are building. Both will look fantastic in your city.

  • Presentation - 10/10
  • Look - 10/10
  • Compatibility - 10/10


Fantastic presentation. These trams look amazing compared to the ones that come for the game. The new textures are just dazzling to watch. Very nice tramways with lots of love from France. 



Very nice. Even the 3D model presentation makes this release special as you can see the 3D model in your browser before you Subscribe. 


None! This product for Cities Skylines is perfect.

Bordeaux Tramways 2.0 Cities Skylines FAQ

What is the name for this Cities Skylines extension?

That is Bordeaux Tramway 2.0


Where will I find Bordeaux Tramway 2.0 in Cities Skylines?

When you create a tram line in the game. When its all complete. You will be able to chose Bordeaux Tramway vehicles from the menu. If you only want this type of tram, remember to delete all of the trams that starts to run on the line. Then you add as many Bordeaux Tramway trams that you need.

Remember that there are two versions!
– Alstom Citadis 302 – 33 meters, 5 elements – 218 passengers
– Alstom Citadis 402 – 44 meters, 7 elements – 300 passengers

Is this an remodelled version for Cities Skylines?

The Bordeaux tramway was released back in the days with worse texture quality. In Bordeaux Tramway 2.0 the tramways are completely remodelled and retexturized.

So, please unsubscribe to that one

Where do I go for downloading Bordeaux Tramway 2.0 for Cities Skylines?

You can click on the link above in this article or click here

Is it possible to inspire the creator of Bordeaux Tramway 2.0?

Yes you can. Easiest way is to click here to support him

Source: Steam Workshop

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