What is the most annoying thing to get when you doing something important? A call from a seller! She or he wants you to buy stuff. You try to find ways to get rid of her or him, but instead you tell the seller to call back another day because you are busy.

Well, Google is Launching a totally new feature with their Pixel 3 phone! It allows Pixel 3 users to see who’s calling and what they want before answering. The person that calls will talk and this talk is converted into text for you. Then you can choose to take the phone or if it is a seller mark it as a spam and hang up. You don’t need to talk with the person at all. Isn’t that something that will make our daily life better? We at Distrita thinks so!

Google introducing anti-Sellers service for Pixel 3 users

1. When receiving an incoming call, tap Screen Call

2. You will be able to see what the caller is calling about on your screen as it’s transcribed in real time

3. Then you can choose how to respond: Either report as spam, select a suggested response to find out more, answer the call, or hang up

Source: Google

It will be interesting to see how this feature works. But this looks promising. Google tries to invent new things all the time and this handy feature is no exception to it. To be able to reject calls that you don’t want will be a huge gift for all. We just hope that this feature will available for all Android users and not just the Pixel 3 series from Google. This will become a huge advantage for having a Android phone itself, if Apple doesn’t follow and add such feature for its iOS for iPhone users.

People Never needs to Pickup a call again because of Google

With this feature. People which doesn’t want to be annoyed, doesn’t need to take any calls. They just see what the other part is talking about. For many women, which gets intense calls from guys. This feature can help them a lot. I hope that this feature will allow people to save the text too. It will be a handy tool for criminal cases too etc.

What do you do when you get a seller calling You?


Source: Google