Having problems with fitting all of your keys in your pocket? Getting frustrated because of a mess in your pocket? Then maybe Key Smart will be the solution for you. Here is our review of a solution that might solve your key frustration. Read on…!

Ordering the Key Smart

You can order Key Smart thru their website, www.getkeysmart.com but be aware that you should browse a bit before ordering. The Key Smart product is really smart, but if you want more than 2-3 keys/stuff on each sides, then you should order the bigger one. However, the price is a bit pricy.

The price starts at $19.95 which is about 165 NOK. If you increase the size from maximum 8 keys to maximum 22 keys, you need to pay $25.96 which is about 215 NOK. However! The keys might have bigger standards here in Norway than in US, so the numbers that says on the website might be lower. Also, the company offers extras like a can opener and a memstick if you want that. You should know what you want before you order! But that’s the same thing for every webshop on the Internet also.

Unpacking the Key Smart

Below, we have a small video review of Key Smart. However, we didn’t made a unpack video as that can be a bit tricky. Reason for this is that Key Smart sends out their product in a way that it needs to be taken apart before it can be used. When you do this, make sure that you put the gummi stuff on before you close also, as they make the keys sit better. In the end you also need a smaller screw driver and put everything together. This process might be a bit difficult, but once you have managed to finish. Then Key Smart is a thing you wouldn’t believe that someone invented now in 2016! This product should be essential for everyone as it replaces messy key holders a lot.

When everything is put together, its time to use it. Its very nice to use, especially the very first day after a tired day of work. Picking up the Key Smart is really something! However, after some usage the screws can become a bit loose. Then you can tighten with a coin or a nail, and then stays great for a while until it looses. If you tighten the two screws too much, the keys can be a bit hard to move around, so try to experiment a bit.

Our Key Smart video Review

Daily usage of Key Smart

Our Key Smart came quite fast to our office. Faster than I thought, but I decided to test it a lot. I felt that it needed more than one day or even more than a month to get a review where I could bring out the good and bads. Key Smart is really something that I am using daily. I don’t want to go back to lots of keys in key chains anymore. However, if you only have 1-3 keys for your car or motorcycle I would rather not use it because of the size. But for daily use, Key Smart is actually one of the things that you should get. The Key Smart is also staying quite deep in your pockets, so its much more difficult to steal or get your keys for unfriendly people.

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Summary and Links

If you are tired of lots of keys for your home or office. Then Key Smart is the product for you. If you are a bit scared fiddling with screws, then you might ask someone that knows screws first and then order. This product is brilliant and it deserves to be in all peoples houses and offices that want’s their lifes to become a little bit more easy. There is nothing like when you go to the grocery store, buying lots of food and things and then start to fiddling near your door to try finding your keys!.. But with Key Smart, it’s so easy to just pull out your keys from your pocket so easy and whola, your inside of your house or office in no time. If the product only had a little milder pricing, it would be perfect. So, maybe some at Key Smart reads our review and do something about it maybe. Anyway, go and buy Key Smart. It is a life changer for sure.