For some years ago, Donald Trump was worldwide known thru his The Apprentice reality tv show. Here people competed to become a worker for Trump or they would get fired. But now in these times, Trump is something more. He is the president of USA. So, why didn’t it exist a site with only Trump News before? Well! That time has changed now. Because, site is now up and running with the latest Trump News delivered to you on the site from worldwide press.

Live Trump News at World Press Freedom Day Delivered Right Now

It is important that the press in the world stays free. That the journalists can write about what they want. That newspapers isn’t state controlled and that all of the workers there is protected by good working laws. Trump News is launched to give you independent news content from several sites with unique info about whats going on in the White House. Because there is a lot happening there and at all the places where Trump visits.

Press in several countries is controlled by Their own Politicians

For those of you that have been following the press in United States of America. You might have seen how close Donald Trump and his party is to the FOX News Channel. In Russia and Poland the state owned TV channels is controlled by the governments over there too.  In China and North Korea there isn’t much press freedom neither and that’s really hurting worlds future progress.

On our Trump News site you get the latest news from the person that gave the world The Apprentice. Here we deliver the life of Donald Trump as a leader for one of the most powerful countries in the world. He really loves to fire people and shake the world with his unusual political way of talking. But maybe that’s also his strongest part too? If Trump manages to really become the peace political person that unites South Korea with North Korea in the end. Then he have achieved something that no one else would manage. Maybe the world needed a non political president?

The time will show where were heading. That’s why we recommends you to follow the news on TrumpNews.US website.