We got an announcement that Germany will upgrade their railway network. Meanwhile here in Norway. Nothing is done!

Well. Something is going here but it doesn’t seem as if the Norwegian government wants Norway to be a real country that cares about the environment. The upgrade in Germany will cost € 86 billion.

In addition to the funds made available by the state, train operator DB aka Deutsche Bahn will also push money into the project too.

Replacing outdated railway infrastructure in Germany

The investments will help replace outdated infrastructure, improve access for people with reduced mobility and renovate train bridges. The head of Deutsche Bahn promises that the punctuality of the trains will also be improved. Now this is something that VY (that was NSB) should be doing too. But do they care?

Getting more people to choose trains instead of cars or planes is a key part of Germany’s climate action. The country aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55% within 2030 compared with the level in 1990.

We wish that Norway would do the same. The Norwegian nature is one of the few wild life places still on earth. To build a well maintained railway network is for sure a much more environment friendly way to go than allow truck drivers drive or even buses bypass the vulnerable nature.

Source: NYTimes