Extravaganza Expensive
Many people waiting for entering the Event

So many tried to get me to visit Retrospillmessen, but I didn’t have time or interest because I had my doubts about it. And for once I decided to go, because I wanted to give it a chance. I wanted to give the retroscene in Norway a chance! Mainly because of the Retrospillmessen people did a short visit to Retro Gathering in Sweden, where I also was. So, here is my words about Retrospillmessen in Sandefjord, Norway that was held Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st of May 2017. Read on…

Extravaganza Expensive Fun

I went to the event with the knowledge from the net, that Retrospillmessen was already expensive there. But as I live in Norway, there is simply not easy to keep events like this cheap. But I really hoped to get something out of the visit, that would give me a better impression of it than Retro Gathering in Västerås, Sweden. But that sort of didn’t happen. Norway still have lot’s to learn from Sweden, when it comes to arranging such retro gathering event.

First of all. Yes, Norway is expensive! But that doesn’t mean that such event must cost more than double of what it costs in Sweden??? And, why so much focus on Nintendo? It looked as if this was a Nintendo and gaming gathering rather than a retro event in many areas of the event. There was a small section of retro consoles and retro computers. But this section was so small. With the high price tag to get into the event, I would expect to see way more retro gathering content at the show!

Extravaganza Expensive
Many more retro console and games next year please! See how many trying them out here!

Games were Extravaganza Expensive Also!

The show itself was in a huge hall. There was lot’s to see! Way too little retro machines! However… If they managed to put a very high price tag for entering the event. Then you would think that the prices of games and retro consoles would be cheaper??? But no! A Zelda or Super Mario Land game for GameBoy could easy cost a lot.

You could however go between the sellers and check for cheaper games. Which I did and I was quite okay with buying a GameBoy Color and 2 games for it. I managed to get them for a quite ok price, but some of the sellers wanted the double.

I learned how to talk with the sellers at Retro Gathering in Sweden (been there many times!) and it seemed like some of them also had stands at Retro Gathering in Sweden. It was really fun meeting them.

Cheaper and More retro Next time!?

Next time! The event organizers should try to shrink the price and have way more retro machines up! How about linking an Amiga 500 and Atari ST with Lotus 2? Or how about Stuntcar Racer? How about giving the retro consoles a much bigger space and also the retro computers.


Also! I wonder how much Japanese and Manga got to do with retro computing? Here the retro gathering organizers simply have been thinking money and profit instead of quality. Also! What does modern indie-games have to do with retro gaming other than most of them using pixel graphics that requires lots of mem?

I mean! You saw how Retro Gathering in Sweden was held. Retrospillmessen in Sandefjord ain’t the worst event that I’ve been to, but this event certainly got many issues to solve. Why not just call it for gaming and anime gathering instead!?

More photos of Retrospillmessen in Sandefjord, Norway



Popular Event For Sure

Because of the prices and the event lack of retro profile. The event itself was very crowded. When we arrived, the que to the event was quite extensive! But here the event missed one small and nice detail from Retro Gathering. Everyone that paid on the net, shouldn’t need to wait as long as those which haven’t paid. I was standing with two which had to wait maybe 5-8 minutes shorter than me to get into the event. In Sweden they also let members of the club enter 30 minutes before everyone else to the event! That’s something that was lacking!

Inside the hall it was full packed! The event seemed to gain lots of people. Maybe because of Nintendo Switch and lot’s of Anime and Manga stores also supporting the event. Maybe this has to be done in Norway to make such event popular?

Well! If we can score Norway VS Sweden in this kind of events! Sweden wins for sure! But on the other side. It is nice to see such event trying to establish something in Norway. Kudos to those which tries.

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