The Urban Games team are very happy to announce that today another major game update of Train Fever has been released. Traffic simulation has been heavily improved with the newest version. Most important, cars now take into account the current traffic speed (and traffic jams) in advance. Therefore, people canContinue Reading

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Microsoft Edge Windows 10 web browser for iOS gets Siri Support

Before people had issues with Microsoft Explorer. Governments and users then started to remove it and in the end Microsoft Read more

More Windows 10 apps is now removable for Users

I was a bit scared when this news dumped into our mailbox. Mainly because I thought Microsoft can now remove Read more

Microsoft will try to compete with Edge on Android and iOS

Google Chrome is world's most used web browser now. Firefox is the second most and behind many like Opera and Read more

A totally new game named Lumino City will be released on Steam 3rd of December. It looks so special and magically done. The whole game is actually made of physical paper, which have been transfered to computer graphics. It looks stunning! Here is the trailer for the game: Lumino CityContinue Reading

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Grandia II is available on Steam for all Dreamcast lovers

Steam released a remastered version of Grandia II Anniversary Edition in 2015, making dreams come true for many Dreamcast fans Read more

Epic Games CEO is critical to Microsoft

Tim Sweeney, which is the CEO of Epic Games that have developed Steam, is now critical to Microsoft again. Windows Read more

Review: Cities Skylines taking City building to a new level

[caption id="attachment_14014" align="alignright" width="300"] Cities Skylines city view[/caption] Do you remember Sim City? The city building game from Maxis?... Now Read more

Before the Internet came, Nintendo released Super Mario Bros for NES. But Amiga and C64 didn’t have such icon, so Giana Sisters was made. This is a very nice platformer, but the first levels of the game reminds of Super Mario Bros a lot, so Nintendo sued the Giana SistersContinue Reading

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17 best free city building games on Android right now

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Terra Forming In Cities Skylines is a Nice game changer

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Amiga Classic The Chaos Engine Transformed

[caption id="attachment_29743" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Antti Koponen made this with Blender and PyxelEdit.[/caption] The author of this project writes that this Read more

Farming Simulator for Commodore 64 shakes the Modern Gaming Life

Farming Simulator is a known game in the PC world. It's a simulator where your task is to be running Read more

Railroad crossings, stake cars, Intel HD Graphics fixes and more as a yet another Train Driver update has been released. The update brings new features, improvements and bug fixes. The update adds realistic and animated railroad crossings. Cars and people now stop and wait at railroad crossings if trains areContinue Reading

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FreeBSD 11.0 is Now out for you to Download

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Amiga Racer 3.8 is out with lots of New Features!

Ladies and Gentleman, AmigaTec is proud to announce that next version of Amiga Racer Collector's Edition Elite is now out Read more

Microsoft forces Skype on its users

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Rockstar have delivered yet another Grand Theft Auto game for people with Playstation 4 and XBOX ONE (soon for PC also). It is not a totally new game, but a updated game (a patch) of the Playstation 3 and XBOX 360 game, which came out last year. It adds higherContinue Reading

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Just Cause 3 Announced only for PS4, Xbox One, PC

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Skies of Arcadia for Dreamcast needs Gamers now!

Most of the gamers today have bought Playstation 4, XBOX One or Wii. But did you know about Dreamcast? A Read more

Just Cause 3 trailer out

For those of us that likes action with no limits. Just Cause series is a hit. It blends fantastic action Read more

The new game called Train Fever, which is a transport building game, have got Best Strategy Game price at the German Developer Award 2014. The game is developed by Urban Games, which is a young, dynamic, highly motivated and talented team located in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Team members feature deep knowledgeContinue Reading

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A bug-fixing update for Transport Fever 2 fixes a lot but not gameplay issues

Since December 11th 2019. Transport Fever 2 is available on Steam. But the game is far from being done. There Read more

Transport Fever Performance Patch out Now

Transport Fever is the transport tycoon alike game, that Distrita gave not so great score. The game is great for Read more

Here is our Transport Fever Review that should Wake Up the developers!

[caption id="attachment_20290" align="alignright" width="806"] Warning on Main menu of Transport Fever. I am pretty sure my ASUS uses GeForce GTX Read more

Transport Fever is Coming!

Urban Games is releasing yet another game title which they have been promoting a lot for the last days. The Read more

The oldskool Amiga from the early ages still gives coders in the world lots of fun. Now this guy have managed to port the Apogee, Rise of the Triad 3D shooter for Amiga’s with AGA chipset. Very interesting. At the moment, the game port have no sound. As he writesContinue Reading

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Rebooteroids is Out for your Beloved Atari Jaguar console

In November 2016, this game title was launched for Atari Jaguar. Yes, the very first and last ever Atari consol Read more

Duke Nukem 3D update for Amiga’s coming soon

A totally new version of Duke Nukem 3D will be out soon for classic Amiga. Version 0.4 is coming soon, Read more

Transport Fever Performance Patch out Now

Transport Fever is the transport tycoon alike game, that Distrita gave not so great score. The game is great for Read more

Here is our Transport Fever Review that should Wake Up the developers!

[caption id="attachment_20290" align="alignright" width="806"] Warning on Main menu of Transport Fever. I am pretty sure my ASUS uses GeForce GTX Read more

The team behind Train Fever have released another game update (build 4363). First and most important, they have implemented save game compression. As a consequence, save games are about three times smaller now. This was one of the top community requests. Second, freight train waggons now display the amount ofContinue Reading

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Amazing Solar powered Railway Trolley

You might know what a locomotive is? Well, here I found someone that have made a solar powered railway trolley. Read more

Indonesian Days: Trams in Jakarta

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The forgotten train journey

Wuppertal, Germany: The germans have always been ahead in the development of technologies, so also in transport. This railway we Read more