Nintendo PlayStation

What if Nintendo and SONY actually made a console together before PlayStation became a reality? It was going to become a reality, but it didn’t! This Nintendo PlayStation game console is a proof of a collaboration between Nintendo and SONY that never happened, and perhaps Nintendo’s biggest loss throughout the ages. Distrita managed to see and even play SNES games on world’s only Nintendo PlayStation console that managed to Survive the destruction. Including that, we also got a nice chance getting in touch with Terry too.

Sony Destroyed Nearly all of the Nintendo PlayStation consoles

The two Japanese companies went together to make an addition to Nintendo’s then dominant gaming console, SNES, who could read CD-ROMs. Sony would take care of the production, and retain ownership of all games created for CD-ROMs. Nintendo pulled out last minute after SONY had presented the collaboration at the CES fair in 1991. SONY had to drop the entire project, throw all the prototypes, and decided instead to create its own console that we all know got named PlayStation. Today it is one of Nintendo’s largest competitors.

At the Retro Gathering in Sandefjord, Norway. The owner of the only Nintendo PlayStation console, Terry Direbold (which owns it) told Distrita that SONY made only 200 prototypes, and all except for ONE were ordered destroyed when the project was discarded.

Nintendo PlayStation

One machine survived because of Terry Diebold is Full of Coincidence

The story of how it could happen and how it ended in the hands of a man like Terry Diebold, is full of coincidence, luck and hardship. He bought the machine at an action for Only $75! But didn’t realise how much worth this Nintendo PlayStation console was until he asked around on the net and found out that this console is worth a lot. So, now Terry brings this Very rare console to various Retro Gatherings.

Auction changed Terry Diebold’s life totally

Terry Diebold told us at Retro Gathering in Sandefjord, Norway that he worked as a maintenance man at a company called Advanta Corporation, in the early 2000s. Even though he enjoyed playing a game, he could never have called himself for a game enthusiast. He was the typical working person without any passion for gaming at all actually. He worked to make the ends meet, and as a single father he did not have time to play as much. But this console changed that!


The company that Terry Diebold worked for was accidentally led by the former boss of SONY, a man named Olaf Olafsson. This guy had been part of the team that worked to get the original PlayStation console back on the market in the 1990s, but had later moved on to other projects. Olaf Olafsson did for some reason keep one of the only Nintendo PlayStation consoles still alive and what this former boss of SONY did is remarkable! Because of this person, the console history got a totally different view on how things could have become if Sony didn’t destroy the project!

What would happen if SONY didn’t burn all of their 200 Nintendo PlayStation made consoles?


Well. Ben Heck, which do have a hardware nerdy style YouTube channel. Made the console working again. You can watch the video above on how Ben resurrected this unique Nintendo PlayStation console. The CD-ROM wasn’t working, but He got it to work. Fantastic!

Nintendo PlayStation console fully Working at Retro Gathering in Sandefjord, Norway

Nintendo PlayStation

A unique Nintendo SNES catridge holder and CD-ROM drive appeared in one of the boxes

In 2009, Advanta was laid down where Terry worked. Many companies when laid down, they do have auctions of their stuff and Advanta did it too to bring in new owners. Large portions were auctioned away. Diebold was responsible for packing a number of things in the boxes, before being auctioned. So, mr. Diebold got a little sneak peek at the goods before everyone else, and in one of the meeting rooms at Advanta he saw many plates that he really wanted. He carefully wrapped them down and remembered the number on the cardboard box so that he could get them later on.

When the auction finally took place, the boxes he wanted appeared and he ended up winning them for $75. A bargain! But when he went to pick up the three boxes he had won, it turned out he had bidden far more. Hundreds of boxes had been thrown in the same bid, enough to fill two cars. And in one of the boxes this very strange console showed up.

Nintendo PlayStation


Just like the famous Super Nintendo console by Nintendo. This unique console had a gaming catridge holder on top of it, but with the SONY and PlayStation logo clearly seen on the very top part of the console. The big round buttons design which is also found on the top of the console is very similar to those found on PlayStation that was officially released by SONY.  The game deck got two round buttons. One for restarting the console in SNES mode??? and the other bigger button for Ejecting the gaming catridges. In the front of the console you got a CD-ROM player that was going to be able to play PlayStation games???

On the front side this Nintendo PlayStation console also got Two connectors for SNES controllers.

“Neither I or my son knew what it was. We searched on Google to see if someone else had something similar, but could not find anything. We thought it was a cool thing, but it never hit us what we actually found, says Diebold


Dan, son of Terry had to prove for users at Reddit that his father got the Nintendo PlayStation console

At first, people didn’t believe Terry’s son Dan when he entered a discussion about Nintendo and SONY at Reddit. Dan got so much negativity thrown at him! Dan told the Reddit users that he had not only seen a console with Nintendo and PlayStation on it, but people at Reddit couldn’t believe that Dan’s father had one in the attic! No one believed him. Absolutely no. They fooled him Terry Diebold said.

It wasn’t until Dan took the trip back to Philadelphia, where Terry lived, to take pictures of the machine that the interest for this rare console exploded totally on-line. Dan released three pictures on Reddit, and that was enough to change the lives of the Diebold family.


– Dan’s mobile phone turned red. It would not stop calling. The messages rolled in and it called in one set. When he finally took the phone, there was a journalist from Polygon (one of America’s premier gaming sites red.anm) on the thread. He wanted an interview and a video of the console to verify that it was real.

Dan found the Nintendo PlayStation in the attic

Because of Dan and his father Terry. Nintendo PlayStation console is Alive

It resulted in the first video of Nintendo PlayStation on YouTube. The story of the lost gaming tax that had finally been found went around the world, and game sites, collectors and newspapers wanted to grab Terry and his Nintendo PlayStation.

We at Distrita tried the console at the Retro Gathering expo in Sandefjord, Norway. It was really fun to try and I had to take lot’s of pictures. While playing Super Street Fighter I got a nice talk with Terry too which told me all about this and how it all began. It was really great to know and I had to put up an extensive article about it, because this console could have changed the whole history if it got mass produced. But it didn’t happen.

Here is a small gallery of all pictures taken of this unique Nintendo PlayStation console

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Nintendo PlayStation
Panasonic Q plays Nintendo GameCube games and is a hybrid console too

Panasonic Q was yet another attempt by Nintendo to get more console sales after SNES

What do you think of it? Would Nintendo have become a much bigger company today if this happened? Later, Nintendo also teamed up with Panasonic and made Panasonic Q, which is a GameCube console similar to Nintendo PlayStation console. This hybrid console didn’t give GameCube the extra selling numbers increase noticeably at all. It was launched as a beautiful GameCube console made by Panasonic in co-operation with Nintendo. But that was it. The Nintendo PlayStation would have moved the SNES popularity over to CD-ROM era, but instead SONY choose to go their own way by releasing PlayStation that parked SNES, Sega Saturn, CD-I, 3DO, Atari Jaguar and Amiga CD32 on the sideline for sure.

Today in 2018 we know how the market have gone. But, this Only Nintendo PlayStation console which is still Alive is proof of a very unknown market just before PlayStation was launched by SONY. It was really interesting trying it out and feel that the console history is now is even richer. Thanks to Terry and especially Dan his son for bringing this Nintendo PlayStation console around to different retro gaming gatherings. Incredible and I will never forget this meeting with Terry at all.


Terry Diebold at
Distrita Own Experience