Amiga Racer Version 3.94 is Now available to Download! Now this update brings new adjustments to the gameplay of the players car and opponent cars has been massively improved.

Amiga 32 Amiga Racer
Amiga Racer supports the Amiga 32 fair in Neuss next Year in Germany

Drift thru sharp curves with this  Amiga Racer 3.94 Release
From this version of Amiga Racer, you can drift thru sharp curves with drifting sounds and smoke! Computer Driver Car’s AI has been massively improved. Also now there is no chance anymore that they drive into themselfs. The AI drivers now correctly adjust speed, acceleration and change langes! That also means that they don’t drive anymore in your rear end unless you change lanes a very short distance before them and they cannot break or changes lanes fast enough.

This update improves the gameplay expierence A LOT and is a must for every Amiga Racer user to get!

Download Amiga Racer from Distrita’s Amiga Racer Support Page

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