Here in Scandinavia, many different type of media types have got the rights to show Game of Thrones. We have streaming and paytv services, but also our two  national tv channels, including Danish TV3 got the rights. The only ones getting the latest episodes is HBO Nordic and CMore.

So, to be able to see the latest episodes of Game of Thrones, then you need HBO Nordic (streaming on-line), CMore Play (streaming on-line) and CMore (PayTV). These media services here got the full rights to all of the Game of Thrones seasons here. So, here we give you the Ultimate Season watch guide of Game of Thrones in Scandinavia.

On NRK and SVT in Norway and Sweden the show is without commercial breaks. However, the Danish people gets commercial breaks as it is shown on TV3 Denmark. Here is a small table showing correct info.

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Monday watching!?

HBO Nordic releases the episodes every Monday. CMore, which is one of the biggest paytv channels here upnorth releases first episodes of the new season at 21.00CET (local time) in the evening on CMore Series. So, you need either subscription for HBO Nordic or CMore if you want to follow the series now.

Subscriptions Guide

HBO Nordic
– You can register at website. Then you can watch one month for free and then eventually you need to pay and amount every month until you quit.
– HBO Nordic is a streaming service, so you need a device that supports it that is connected to the net. If you got Playstation 3, Playstation 4 or any other console or Internet device. Then this service is great. Also, there are no commercial interruptions

CMore Play and CMore
– You can register to have CMore at your local cable or satellite company that distributes CMore. When you pay for CMore, you also get CMore Play for free. So, you can watch it there before the premiere on CMore Series.

So, without spoiling too much. Yes, the latest Season 6 got more action, killings and adventure. It is worlds most liked series, but because of it nude scenes, Game of Thrones is heavily censored in countries like China. But here in Scandinavia, no one have done anything to that yet.

Happy Watching!