Ready for beautiful princesses, adventure, violence and sex? Tonight is the official premiere here in Scandinavia on CMore Series HD channel. HBO Nordic have the first season 5 premiere available since 03.00, but on TV we all need to wait until 21.00 CET tonight.

CMore is what and where do I find it!?

The history of this channel goes back to the late 1980’s, when FilmNet was huge. But with some CEO changes, FilmNet changed its name to Canal+ and now its name it is CMore in Scandinavia. The channel is a paytv channel, which means that you have to pay subscription every month to watch it. Whats good though is that there is no commercials on the channel, which is great.

Here in Scandinavia you should find CMore on cabletv, iptv and satellite services. The prices are different between each of the services, so Distrita suggest that you should check out what packages you have available. This is important as CMore does have packages with Football and without Football.

Important CMore related Links in Alphabetic order

This list made of the cable tv operators that I’ve found. Please send mail to: [email protected] if you have more information about more television services in Denmark that have CMore on their menu.

Happy Game of Thrones watching tonight at 21.00 CET on CMore Series HD