Argentina and the poverty in the Federal Capital here I show you a map of several years ago which does not stop growing and growing in the towns and settlements in the Federal Capital, the poverty that Argentina suffers is 40% in 2018.

2013 Capital Federal Argentina

poverty in argentina

The villas and the settlements They are the only resources that are left to the people who do not have roof sleeping on the street do not have food then where they find an empty space or an abandoned building they occupy and install their boxes and thus they try to survive with a government that only governs for the rich and grows every day its external debt which this government and I am indebted for 100 years crazy!

Unfortunately the hopes are less for poor people every day but for the rich every day they are richer and we poor every day are poorer.

In the chart that shows Where is the Federal Capital Argentina shows many numbers which figures are from the year 2013 but in the year that we are 2018 these figures greatly exceed the figures of the year 2013 to give an example let’s say that each box that has a number is a locality of the Federal Capital Argentina for example where it says 14 today is not less than 18 and so with all the numbers of 2013 updated to 2018 … If this government would not lie to people they would not control the Internet would not control the newspapers so that they do not know the true figures of how poverty grew and this government cares nothing only for its rich businessmen and for the poor to fix themselves as best they can.

In Argentina always governed a law that controls all prices absolutely all the value of the dollar Unfortunately before the end of the year the dollar was at 17 Argentine Pesos but in less than 3 months touched the 20 Argentine Pesos and the government is expected to continue increasing the price of the dollar and that will increase everything from bread to a liter of milk the naphtha in the heavens and not to mention everything that is electronic computers etc. Increase the dollar increases everything increases poverty but do not increase The salaries of workers.

Well here I leave an example of the year 2013 with several photos which represent in their first image what was the place without a villa and without a settlement and secondly the photo shows how that same place was after planting a Villa and a settlement but we are talking about the year 2013 imagine what is the year 2018 I apologize for not being able to show what is really happening in Argentina in 2018 the government as I said before controls all media absolutely all Then I can not have any data only the one I see Daily when I go out on the street.

Villa 21-24, Barracas

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The satellite photographs correspond to the year 2004 and 2013 respectively, more than 3000 boxes were added, the great majority in the margins of the Riachuelo, a sector for nothing favorable for the life of anybody, although it is necessary to recognize that the works of cleaning of the same have been important and is no longer what it was a decade ago.


Villa Playon/Villa Fraga

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In 2004 there was nothing of this in Chacarita, today is a town and as mentioned in the forum, accused of robberies in the area.

Villa 20

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Vertical growth is something that, in my opinion, sooner or later will cause many deaths, are works without strong infrastructure, made with leftovers, a very high risk.

Villa Los Pinos

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In Soldati between the 1-11-14 villa and villa 3, you could join them if the clubs that have their properties were not, but the risk is latent and could form a mega-villa within CABA, another that in 2004 did not exist.


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Another that grew vertically, in this case in La Paternal and as it lacks horizontal space the precarious houses reach the four floors

Los Piletones y Barrio Fatima (Villa 3)

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They are two different, the Piletones is something new, the Villa 3 is old and is receiving a lot of attention and remodeling, but Los Piletones is a very poor misery occupying a flooded land.

Asentamientos en Villa Fiorito

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In Villa Fiorito there is a plot of land that is being transformed into a huge villa and is built on floodplains, over lagoons, the growth is incredible. (Diego Armando Maradona was born in this town.)

Asentamientos en Villa Celina y Villa Madero

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Exponential growth, practically no place in the city with land is free.


Federal Capital is very Complicated in Argentina, south-America

Here I put some photos of the most important villa but I take a look inside … The truth is that there are so many villas in the Federal Capital that it is very complicated to put the photos and comment on which villas are but in some I will be able to comment something.

poverty in argentina

poverty in argentina

poverty in argentina

poverty in argentina

Well in this next image we will be able to see one of the largest villas of Federal capital which is growing on top we will be able to look like a building of more than 4 floors without any architect build it … In many cases They have come down but that is the reality of poor people have nowhere to live and are willing to put their lives and their families at stake.

poverty in argentina

In this photo we will be able to observe as well in a place in the city of Buenos Aires where in the 90’s everything was green nowadays by the division of the railroad we find ourselves with a usurpation of those places and built precarious houses with the contrast of the background of tall buildings.

poverty in argentina

Here we can see a very large but very large Villa 1-11-14 but we can also see a football stadium which is called Club San Lorenzo de Almagro is the club which is Pope Francis fan can be observed in detail the stadium of San Lorenzo de Almagro and crossing a not very wide Avenue a very dangerous Villa that is only 15 blocks from my house and each day is bigger and bigger.

poverty in argentina

President Mauricio Macri controls the press in Argentina

I am not from any political party is that simple …. That the one on duty I will examine from head to toe and I will not be silenced by anyone who already tried more than once for only commenting against the President on Facebook sounds weird but that is the reality President Mauricio Macri controls the press controls the newspapers and is throwing anyone out who speaks badly on TV of El who is not really speaking ill of him is only telling the truth of his rule from the 2015 …. It happened to those who spoke and told the truth about Mauricio Macri more than one does not work anymore on TV or radio …. It is not known why they disappeared on the main TV channels in Argentina.

Reality wants the poor and the dead grandparents

I apologize for not being able to put much more updated material I repeat the government controls everything When I say everything is all and spend a fortune For the truth to try to hide or delay as much as possible this President Mauricio Macri is willing to everything and reality that everyone voted because they believed and thought that the previous government that was the most corrupt assassin thief and all the atrocities that one can imagine, I will have to say that this government that has been in power for 2 years has screwed up the life to all and he keeps fucking us every day more and more and he does not care about anything at all he only cares about his businessmen the silver people who pay high taxes and the poor the pensioners and the retired people for the better they die as soon as this is saved lots of money.

Its main announcements for 2018 were obviously not expected to increase all basic services.

A few days ago the dollar was shot at 19.90 Pesos Arentino and when the dollar increases everything increases in Argentina .. What awaits us because the agreements never increase.

A fundamental truth of poverty in Argentina without filters is my article.

Claudio Daniel De Castro 24 De Enero Del 2018