Fujitsu presented some very exciting mobile phones on the MWC2011 in Barcelona. We were extremely positively by them and just had to write a small note about them. These waterproof phones will for sure make a big hit in the European market, if they ever come. Its however interesting to see that a company like Fujitsu tries to come up with something quite unique!

Waterproof phones from Fujitsu

Two of the phones were named Regza T-01C and ISO4. They had one thing in common. They could handle lots of water! They also came with Android OS, Fujitsu’s super resolution and digital tv-tuner. But unfortunately Fujitsu could not confirm that these unique phones would be launched for Western Europe. See more pictures from the Fujitsu stand.

Here is some more photos showing the Waterproof phones at MWC2011 in Barcelona


MWC2011 Barcelona Distrita Exclusive