It’s weekend everybody, and we just want to relax with some amazing videos! We have already covered the colorful quetzal bird. It’s so beautiful, it’s something more than a normal bird. It has got everything! It looks just stunning great! It is a bird that lives in the cloud forest of Costa Rica. Check out this live recording!

Another great movie about the quetzal bird.

In this video, you will see lots of beuatiful birds!

Did you know that there is a special parrot island in Australia? Have a look here!

Most of us think that birds are beautiful creatures… But not all of them. The scientists just have found that there have been really dangerous bird creatures 66 million years ago, called Anzu wyliei, or “Monster chicken”. It’s described as nothing you would like to meet in a dark side street! It’s like a dinosaur but with kind bird look… well until it becomes angry… It’s in the same family as Tyrannosaurus Rex, but they are not close family members…It was heavy, almost 300 kilos, and was a vegetarian. It was 2 meters tall, and had a 1 metre long tail.

So let’s be happy that today’s birds look closer to a quetzal than a Anzu wylieis! Have a nice weekend, guys!

We will end this article with some annoying birds stealing stuff, and finally some real dinosaur action!