Who will represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016?

The 17 year old school boy Frans Jeppsson Wall won the Swedish edition of ESC qualification show with “If I were sorry”. As normal the show, Melodifestivalen, consists of 6 shows of 90 mins each, and tonight the winner was chosen by the viewers and international judges. The Eurovision Song Contest will this year be held in Stockholm, and the Swedish TV network (SVT) has decided to use the same voting system for the main final in May.

Positive feedback to Måns, last year’s winner

Last year Måns Selmerlöv won with “Hero”. Tonight he got the honour to sing it again, and they had made a completely new version where the handwritten characters at the “stripped” stage were replaced by a real young boy and later lots of kids. This enforced the entire message with the song, to stop bullying.

The Swedish newspapers have given positive reviews of his appearence tonight and say the performance was brilliant. He will probably do something similar in the main final in May this year! It is also known that Måns will get the prestigious honor to be the main host of ESC 2016, only helped by Petra Mede, well-known hostess at SVT, and she was the hostess last time Sweden won too.


Don’t worry, Australia is back!

Australia will also get a new chance to win! Last year they almost won the entire show (5th place) with Guy Sebastian with the song “Tonight again”. Dami Im will represent Australia on the 14.May 2016 with «Sound of silence.»

As normal, there’s a fight between the Swedish TV network (SVT) and the Norwegian TV network (NRK) regarding the local ESC editions. The Swedish TV experts complain that NRK has skipped the 5 semifinals since 2015, and only focus on one show. This results in less media attention and it isn’t so attractive to join the show for the biggest established stars.

This year’s TV headlight in Sweden

The interest for the Swedish local final is huge and they recieved more than 12 million votes during the show. SVT recieved criticism for letting only young stars perform. The oldest singer this year was Ace Wilder, aged 34. This night may be compared with Super Bowl in the United States: All Sweden is watching. It was also broadcasted  live on NRK3 in Norway.