A new year and a new drama have now managed to swipe the net. It is about YouTube star Logan Paul, which apologized Monday 1st of January 2018 after receiving lots of frustrating and negative comments for posting a video called “We Found a Dead Body in Japan’s Suicide Forest” that showed a body hanging from a tree in what appeared to be a suicide. One day after the video was posted, YouTube posted a message that the video had been removed by the user. The freedom of the net is gettings weaker and weaker for sure.

In an apology posted on Twitter, Paul wrote that he “intended to raise awareness for suicide and suicide prevention … I was misguided by the shock and awe, as portrayed in the video.” Many people goes to this suicide foreste in Tokyo as a touristic event, but suicide is something that can be harsh to mock about for sure.

Tokyo Adventures intended video, which included the suicide forest

The video initially was supposed to be part of his “Tokyo Adventures,” Paul says in the intro “this is the most real vlog I’ve ever posted to this channel.” When he posted the video Sunday night, he tweeted “idk man just go.”

In the video, Paul and his entourage are wandering around the suicide forest when they happen across what appears to be a body hanging from a tree. At first, Paul said “Yo, are you alive … are you with us?” before turning the camera back on himself and saying “a lot of things going through my mind right now … this literally probably just happened.”

He and his entourage briefly describe the body before Paul laughs uncomfortably and says “it was all going to be a joke … why did it become so real?”

The Internet, however, did not have sympathy for Paul. Japan is one of the countries in the world where most suicides happens. Its mostly about stress and the fact that the society in Japan is so strict its hard for some to follow it. Here in Norway there is also a case now about a boy which made suicide because of classmate bullying him. There are for sure different reasons for people doing suicide… but its mostly about stress and situation that eventually goes out of hand.  Paul Logan should know this even if this is in the suicide forest. … and I am thinking??? Why is it called that at all? Rename that forest,.. because Paul is not the first one joking about whats happening in that forest.

Schools in the whole world should have teachers and adults teaching everyone about what can happen when you destroy someones life. What people can do if they get threatened and how bullying is affecting the victim. There are just way too many children and teenagers that teams up in groups and starts to choose out a victim. It is in this process that the schools and adults/parents should be informated about whats going on. Suicides is for sure done by stress that the victim got. If we all can prevent this happening at an early stages, then it can help the victim.

Suicide is just not something that you play with,… even if a forest is called suicide forest! How did such a forest became a tourist attraction at all? Now, that’s even more wicked!


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