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Apparelnews and Gudetama: Gudetama Christmas News

It’s so cool to celebrate Christmas with cool themes. But on the 3rd of December a very special celebration took place; Gudetama was there! I guess you know the egg character from Sanrio’s Hello Kitty world very well, so no more introdcution. Or check out Who is Gudetama here.

Gudetama Christmas News
Gudetama Christmas


On Sunday Sanrio put a beard and a Santa’s hat on Gudetama, and then they rolled the egg to the Sanrio boutique in Japanese Village Plaza in Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo section. Isn’t that cool, folks? This is historic: It was the first time ever that Gudetama wore a Santa hat and beard, according to Dave Marchi, vice president of brand management and marketing at Sanrio Inc. And like a real celeb, lots of people, including Gudetama fans, lined up to take photos with this amazing egg everybody loves!

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Gudetama Multi-Course Meals on Curry House

This week Gudetama has been very social! He has actually been hanging out at Curry House in Cupertino. And Gudetama invites you to having a Christmas Dinner! Curry House is a small restaurant chain and consist by 9 restaurants today. The concept is based on traditional Japanese Curries. They started the first restaurant in Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo neighborhood. It was 1983, so they can celebrate 35 years anniversary soon. Since then they been partnering with Sanrio several times to showcase their funny characters. And that also includes our cutie, Gudetama, the cutest little egg on Planet Earth that God (or Sanrio) created! How? At Curry House you can order a very special Multi-course meal package.

If you would enjoy gazing into the eyes of their anthropomorphized food, the Gudetama Menu is for you! The dinner package Comes with several egg-centric courses, including keema curry. It is topped with an ordinary egg, a beautiful cup of corn soup, served with delicious side salad, tasty custard pudding, one soft drink, and commemorative gudetama x Curry House beanie for 29 USD. Isn’t it a great deal? According to this Deal has become so popular that they had to extend the offer until January and they had to set a limit of servings per day!



Gudetama in Daily News: Will visit Los Angeles this Christmas

Maybe you think that Eggs are important for all public holidays like Christmas, and not only for Easter? Then maybe Gudetama will bring some Christmas spirit to your town! The sad-sack Santa Gudetama is on his way with his Reindeers! Hoho! The destination is: Sanrio Japanese Village in Los Angeles! Here you can meet Gudetama himself until the 17th of December. Their own Gudetama Holiday Shop will be open every day!

The Christmas shop will boast a huge list of items featuring Gudetama. But you will also meet the karoke-singing panda Aggretsuko. Look forward to find exclusive sweaters, sweatshirts, tree ornaments and other holiday merchandise. The Gudetama shop in Los Angeles will be the place to visit! Be ready to find limited-edition Gudetama products from Japan, such as stationery, plush, luggage, blind box figures, a Magic 8 Ball and the book, “Eggsistential Thoughts by Gudetama the Lazy Egg.”


Maybe the highlights for all kids will be to order their own Photo Session with Gudetama: On weekends, photos will be available with Santa Gudetama with packages ranging from USD 8- USD25,according to Daily News. Merry Christmas to all our Gudetama readers!


Gudetama Curry
Gudetama Curry

Check also out these girls having Gudetama curry:

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