Wasting food is bad. It is one of the biggest sins that both grocery stores and humans do. So, why does the Danish government have a law which says that they can punish grocery stores that wants to give away food? By having such law in a country that cares about our environment is a interesting question.

Rema 1000 grocery chain in Denmark choose to give away food. They managed to give 3000 families a much better  Christmas last year. But by doing so, the Danish government punishes instead of rewarding Rema 1000 for their kindness of giving free food to poor people in Denmark. Is this a enviromently friendly law?

waste food

If Rema 1000 destroyed the food, they wouldn’t need to pay tax at all

The sad side of this news item that we found on is that if Rema 1000 choose to throw out the food that they have given to around 3000 families, then they wouldn’t need to pay tax at all. Why is the Danish government not thinking food waste in this case? Why should they punish Rema 1000 for doing something very nice towards poor people.

302 different Rema 1000 grocery stores participated in this food give away initiative. They choose to donate food that would have become food waste if they didn’t. Here, Rema 1000 is doing the right thing and the “enviromently friendly” Denmark is hitting them hard where they demand that Rema 1000 pay them the tax back because they gave away food that was going to become food waste. It’s so silly!

Norway had the same rules until 1st of July 2016

In Norway we had this tax rule until 1st of July 2016. After that, this tax is gone. Grocery stores in Norway can give away food that is going to become food waste to poor people or sell these goods cheaper. Norwegian government won’t punish grocery stores for donating food like they do in Denmark.

Fat Burning Meals, Super Bowl 2018So now Rema 1000 is waiting for a bill from the Danish government where they will need to pay for every single grocery item that they have given away instead of have thrown them as food waste.


We humans tends to buy too much and grocery stores tends to order too much food. We should all eat up our food. Do not waste food. Your grocery item might have cost a coin or two. Yes! But instead of throwing out food which you have made too much of. Pack it and either freeze it for eating later, put it in a bag for giving birds some extra food or give it to a poor person that you have seen on the streets of your town. By reducing food waste, we can give other humans and animals a better life. The Danish government should think of this and not punishing Rema 1000 for their action giving 3000 families a better Christmas time.

Do not Waste food!