beef with vegetables recipe

Today I have the pleasure to present a delicious dinner recipe. Say hi to my favorite beef steak with asparagus. The vegetables in this dish have vitaminic properties, and you can enjoy eating it with your family! This is indeed a really yummy beef steak. Benefits and properties of asparagusContinue Reading

Nutritious chicken wok supreme

This awesome supreme chicken is great to enjoy with friends this summer! I proudly present a very nutritious Chicken Wok Supreme that is quickly made using seasonal vegetables, an easy chicken marinade and a simple gravy that can be adjusted to taste. The biological value of chicken protein: Chicken, likeContinue Reading

salmon with avocado cream recipe

Try this delicious salmon recipe with a spicy touch accompanied by an avocado cream that highlights the flavors. This is a great option for lunch or dinner, and it is perfect on a warm summer day when you want to eat something healthy. It is easy to prepare, so everyoneContinue Reading

georgian gem for cafe people

Hidden gems in Tbilisi can be found in many places. Georgian art cafes represent Tbilisi’s another captivating feature. As it was written in Vogue “You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Been to Tbilisi’s Art Cafés”. But why are art cafes so popular? Whenever you enter the space this intimate atmosphere getsContinue Reading

Authentic Mexican Chicken Fajitas Recipe, delicious dish

If you miss to eat Mexican food and maybe your favorite Mexican restaurant is closed, then we have good news. It’s easy to prepare Authentic Mexican Chicken Fajitas at home yourself! Here you get the best Mexican Fajitas recipe from our favorite Mexican chef, Maritza. Mexican Chicken Fajitas Recipe  CookContinue Reading