WP_20150129_001Ready for a weekend in the mountains? Will you go skiing and enjoy the nice snowy weather! Good idea! And nothing is like this old, traditional Norwegian receipt… Fresh bread baked in with sausage and cheese! The kids will love it! Bring with you them, and have a local romantic fire, out there, so they get grilled! The natural way! You will love it too!

The receipt is very easy to do

  • 400 gram of wheat meal
  • 300 gran of butter
  • 0,3 litres of whole milk
  • 25 gram of yeaster
  • 16 small sausages
  • And a package of a cheese you like

It’s an easy receipt, and it can’t go wrong! Except 2 hours for the entire project! Did you know Norwegians eat more hot dogs than anybody else? With the fresh bread baked-in, it feels a bit more yummy! Enjoy your food in the skitrack! Everything tastes more yummy outside! Bon apetit!