Where to Go in Norway to get the cheapest groceries? That is a grocery store with a green layout in Norway. But what’s even remarkable is how the prices in Norwegian grocery stores have jumped up by 20 percent since last year. Why? Read on…

Based on the same shopping basket in week 38 in 2019, the Norwegian website has this week checked the prices again. It shows that the prices are on the rice in Norway. Back in the years, the Norwegian grocery stores had to fight with Lidl from Germany and ICA from Sweden, but Norwegians rejected them so much that they left the country.

Now there are 3 gigantic that do nothing about the competition at all. They just raise the prices without thinking of thousands of people that have lost their jobs because of the Wuhan Covid19 virus.

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The cheapest grocery store in Norway now is Kiwi

Kiwi is the cheapest, while Meny ends up at the bottom. They have increased the prices by a total amount of 8.75 Euro (94 NOK) more expensive than the prize winner this week. At the same time, prices have jumped a lot over the past year at all the chains.

The price survey on the very same site shows that the low-price chains come out the worst, and Rema 1000 has a price increase of as much as 19.5% on the same goods this year compared with last year. Kiwi has increased the second most with a price increase of 18.7%, while Extra is just behind with an 18.5% price increase.

new Iceland foods chain from Britain in Norway

Spar is the chain that has increased the least because prices there have only risen by 12.5%. Meny chain in Norway has an increase of 16.1% and OBS of 17.2%.


No competition in the Norwegian Grocery market

If there was a competition in the Norwegian grocery market, then the chains would battle a lot. But when that isn’t the case it is hard. And the Norwegian grocery stores wonder why they have problems selling food when they are close to the Swedish border.

If you come to Norway and say What about the prices. You can go to Sweden and almost anything you buy there is 50-60 percent cheaper than in Norway. Norwegians are aware of the stiff prices at the Norwegian grocery stores.

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A tip though. If you plan to travel to the bigger cities and towns in Norway. If you want cheaper fruit and vegetables. You should go to the International Food stores that are owned by people from abroad. Here the prices are half of the prices in Kiwi, Meny, Rema 1000, Joker, OBS, or Extra. Also if you visit Oslo, I fully recommend visiting Iceland Foods which is a remarkable new chain that tries to move the Norwegian grocery market forward.

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