Ireland’s cuisine can be divided into two main categories – traditional dishes composed mainly of very simple, and modern dishes that without following the traditional rules can be found in hotels, restaurants etc.. Available for turistas.El main ingredient is potato Irish cuisine. A representative is the Colcannon dish made ​​with potatoes and garlic (in the older version), cabbage or green cabbage variant (compared with the English bubble and squeak). The Champ consisting of mashed potatoes served with chopped onions.

The most popular fish include salmon and cod, in the field of crustaceans is becoming increasingly popular including prawns and oysters (sometimes served with a glass of Guinness) in some of the dishes, especially the coastal towns.
In the field of cereals is well known internationally breadmaking industry and thus have soda bread, or Blaa much celebrated in Ireland and particularly in Waterford.

Other examples of typical Irish cuisine are the Irish stew, bacon and cabbage also (boiled together). The Boxty is a traditional dish. In Dublin coddle is very popular, which is made with pork sausages cooked. Ireland is famous Irish breakfast, served mainly pork and fried potato may include farls.

One asocidas drinks Guinness in Ireland is often served in pubs, although it is also popular Smithwicks (which in Europe is generally known as Kilkenny). It is always present the Celtic tradition of cider making. Malt whiskey is well known, and Irish coffee