Vienna, the capital of Austria is known as Europe’s gourmet capital for both food and wine. But did you know they have a bunch of amazing dessert dishes? We are sure that Austria will tempt you with its flavorsome delicacies, and today we will cover some of the main components of the sweet food of Austria – the dessert food in Austria.

Dessert food in Austria, 10 sweet delicacies of Austria
Dessert food in Austria

The most typical sweet dishes of Austria

Here is a list of my favorite Austrian dishes:

#1 Vanillekipferl

Vanilla cookies with walnuts, almonds or hazelnuts

Authentic and best Austrian Vanillekipferl Recipe – fully translated into English and adapted to US measurings. Just 7 ingredients and super easy to make.

Buttery, vanilla-infused and delicately crumbly with a melt-in-your-mouth texture, these Austrian Vanillekipferl cookies will thoroughly win you over!

Vanillekipferl recipe on Daring Gourmet

#2 Apfelstrudel

A type of pastry dessert with apple.

Erin teaches Bridget how to make an easier recipe for Apple Strudel.

Apple Strudel is much easier to make from scratch than you think! With its flaky crust and a spiced apple filling, this traditional Apfelstrudel recipe is sure to wow your guests. Serve it with vanilla ice cream or vanilla sauce and you have the most delicious fall and winter dessert that everyone will love!

Apple Strudel recipe on Plated Cravings

#3 Krapfen

Krapfen is a sweet dough with creamy filling. These soft and fluffy Austrian-style donuts are eaten year round but are particularly popular during carnival season!

Krapfen – homemade donuts. In this How-to tutorial, you will see how easy it is, to make hollow donuts, which can later be filled in any way that you want.

A type of pastry dessert with apple.

Delicious, golden baked yeast dough with a fruit or creamy filling and sprinkled with a little sugar – this is how the Austrians love their doughnuts. The light and fluffy doughnuts filled with apricot jam are also known as “Faschings-Krapfen” (Shrovetide doughnuts) which are baked and enjoyed during Shrovetide. Austrians also love them filled with vanilla custard!

Krapfen recipe on

#4 Palatschinken

Palatschinken is a thin crêpe-like variety of pancake of Greco-Roman origin, very popular in Austria. A kind of crêpe vienensa, its origin is in the Hungarian palacsinta.

These light and fluffy pancakes are often served warm as dessert in Austria with the classic version of apricot marmalade or with nutella and hazelnuts. Perfect for a quick treat anytime!

#5 Topfenstrudel

Topfenstrudel is a kind of cheese strudel, the little sister to Apfelstrudel. These 3 ingredients make it unique: quark, cream and raisins.

Easy strudel recipe to bake cheese strudel with peach filling and more simple and tasty ingredients.

This dessert is usually served sprinkled with icing sugar and often also with creamy vanilla sauce.

Check the complete topfenstrudel recipe on

#6 Wiener Apfelstrudel

Wiener Apfelstrudel, one of the best-known Austrian desserts – (apple strudel) served with icing sugar and Viennese coffee.

Most people think of Vienna Apple Strudel but it is as well eaten in Munich and entire Bavaria. It is a favorite of many at the Oktoberfest. Don’t use filo dough or puff pastry for this, the original dough is so easy to do and really tastes differently. Also, the stretching of the Apple Strudel dough is quite fun!

While you think Appel Strudel on a site featuring Viennese food is almost sketchy, you may want to start thinking of why any tourist returning from Vienna talks about this treat.

Applestrudel recipe on

#7 Buchteln

Buchteln is a kind of pastry stuffed with apricot jam, also known as Austrian sweet rolls.

This is my basic recipe for Buchteln, or maybe you know it as Wuchteln, Ofennudeln, or Rohrnudeln. They are often filled with plum jam or poppyseeds and though they’re perfect just like this, serving them with even more fruit jam or vanilla sauce will take it to another level.

Christian Rub shares his Buchteln recipe on Kitchenstories.

#8 Sachertorte

This cake consists of two layers of airy chocolate dough, with a thin layer of jam of apricot in the Middle, with a cover of dark chocolate on the bottom, top and sides.

Our take on this classic chocolate cake is both light and rich at the same time, with an airy cake, a simple apricot jam filling and a decadent bittersweet glaze.

Find the entire sachertorte recipe on

#9 Linzertorte

The linzertorte is a famous Austrian torte named after the town of Linz. The rich pastry flan is made with ground hazelnuts.

Linzertorte is a delicious short pastry, a specialty of Austria. Learn how to make this pretty torte with raspberry jam. If you are looking for a cake, pie or dessert recipe for your next holiday baking, try this one.

The crust of a Linzertorte may vary in color depending on whether the almonds are whole or blanched, and if the almonds are toasted. My personal preference is to use almonds with their skins still on, and I like to toast the almonds as this brings out their wonderful flavor

Get the complete Linzertorte recipe on

#10 Kaiserschmarrn

Kaiserschmarrn is a fluffy, lightly caramelized, scrambled pancake.

The dish is traditionally served either with plum compote or with a big spoonful of apple, pear, or berry preserve. Lavishly dusted with icing sugar, kaiserschmarrn is the perfect comfort food, indeed fit for an emperor and easily one of the best desserts Austria has to offer.

See the entire kaiserschmarrn recipe on TasteAtlas.

Drink your favorite Austrian coffee

In Austria the pastries are just 50% of the cafeteria experience. The coffee is served in a variety of styles, particularly in the coffeehouses and bakeries all around of Vienna. From an Austrian Mokka or kleiner Schwarzer (small black coffee) similar to espresso, there are other styles:

Grosser Schwarzer – a double Mokka

Einspänner – Grosser Schwarzer with cream on top

Einspänner - Grosser Schwarzer with cream on top
Einspänner – Grosser Schwarzer with cream on top

Kapuziner – kleiner Schwarzer is similar to cappuccino

Kapuziner - kleiner Schwarzer is similar to cappuccino
Kapuziner – kleiner Schwarzer is similar to cappuccino

Melange – Moca half and half with hot milk, often with creamy milk above

Wiener Melange - Mokka half and half with hot milk, often with creamy milk above

Kleiner Brauner or Grosser Brauner – plain or with a double Mokka plus milk

Kleiner Brauner or Grosser Brauner - plain or with a double Mokka plus milk

Verlängerter – “lengthened” (ie diluted) Mokka with milk plus

Dessert food in Austria, Verlängerter - "lengthened" (ie diluted) Mokka with milk plus
Verlängerter – “lengthened” (ie diluted) Mokka with milk plus
Franziskaner - Melange at the top with creamy cream not milk
Franziskaner – Melange at the top with creamy cream not milk

We hope you enjoyed to have a closer look at what the Austrian dessert kitchen has to offer. We have covered:

Conclusion – dessert food in Austria

In this article we have covered these 10 sweet Austrian delicacies:

  • Vanillekipferl
  • Apfelstrudel
  • Krapfen
  • Palatschinken
  • Topfenstrudel
  • Wiener Apfelstrudel
  • Buchteln
  • Sachertorte
  • Linzertorte
  • Kaiserschmarrn
  • and many local Austrian coffee types

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