In case you want to have some gastronomic experiences while you are in the capital of Norway, don’t worry! The Food Court in Oslo, Vulkan Mathallen, also known as just “Mathallen”, is always there for you.

Today I will bring you 5 reasons to visit the Food court in Oslo, one of my favorite gastro places to hang out.

Located along the beautiful river Akerselva, this food hall offers all the chocolates, cheese, sausages,  fish, meats, and vegetables from small-scale vendors your heart could ever desire – including several options of cafeterias and restaurants, and numerous pop-up gastronomy events.

The food hall is a natural stop while you are walking along the river, no matter if it’s a sunny, warm day or a snowy and cold day. It is open until 6 pm seven days a week, and some of the restaurants and bars are open until 9 pm or longer.

Where do I find the food hall in Oslo?

Mathallen Food Hall, Maridalsveien 17A, Oslo, Norway, +47 40 00 12 09

mathallen food court oslo vulkan
Vulkan Mathallen: With so many different options, you’ll be able to find something that excites your taste buds.


Smelteverket – Oslo’s longest bar, a cozy place that offers a huge list of exciting brands of beers. This bar is located on the entire basement level of Vulkan Mathallen.

Their food menu consists of e.g. Peking Duck with Chinese pancakes, Steamed Bun Duo, and vegan steamed dumplings. The best place to try some Asian specialties while visiting the food court in Oslo. While you are sitting here, you can enjoy the views of the river, Akerselva.

Website: Smelteverket

smelteverket oslo, mathallen oslo


Vulkan Fisk is the only fish market inside of Vulkan Mathallen. Personally, I will say this is Oslo’s best seafood restaurant. Suppliers and fishermen, from all over Norway, deliver fish and shellfish to Vulkanfisk every day. Therefore they have the freshest seafood that is possible to find – something you as a guest will love.

This is the place to enjoy king crab in Oslo, very delicious. They serve also the best fish and chips in town. Vulkan Fisk is definitely worth a visit while you visit the food court in Oslo.

Website: Vulkanfisk

Vulkan fish is the best place to try out some local fish dishes while visiting the Food court in Oslo
Vulkan fish is the best place to try out some local fish dishes while visiting the Food court in Oslo


Hitchhiker is known as Oslo’s first Street food place, Hitchhiker is located on the 2nd floor of Vulkan Mathallen, and is inspired by street food from around the world.

Welcome to a culinary journey from street corners where irresistible favorites are composed by the chefs at Hitchhiker. Here you will get food from multiple countries combined in just one food dish.

They promise to take care of old food traditions as well as break them. The menu at Hitchhiker is changed frequently and they use as many ecological products as possible.

You can order small dishes or a complete menu, and you can also share dishes with friends. Hitchhiker has also got a dedicated bar with lots of beers and natural wine to choose from. Definitely, a must while visiting the food court in Oslo.

Website: Hitchhiker

Hitchhiker is a cool bar on the top flor of the  Food court in Oslo
Hitchhiker Is the coolest bar of Vulkan Mathallen.


One of the best reasons to visit Mathallen is Stangeriet. A small vendor with a great selection of poultry products. Stangeriet deals with all kinds of chicken. They sell it raw, grilled and in sandwiches, also in burgers! W

e were ordering some chicken sandwiches and they were absolutely delicious! We were enhanced by the chef’s detailed explanations of what all the ingredients were and where they were sourced from.

Website: Stangeriet

Stangeriet is the poultry and meat specialist of  Food court in Oslo
Stangeriet is the poultry and meat specialist of Vulkan Mathallen in Oslo


Norwegians love sausages for all occasions, on the go, at kids’ parties, or barbecue grilling with family. Did you know that sausages are the most traditional ingredients for family dinners in Norway?

Annis Pølsemakeri is ripening dry-aged meat themselves, for about 60 days, in their own storage oven for maturation (in the same building).

This is how they have the best control of what will be added to maturation, and they check and control it daily along the way. Then they pick out only the best plays for dry-aging, good marmorated pieces with the best fat.

The meat is also not packed in vacuum or plastic, which is not good for the meat and is just one of the great benefits of dry-aging. This brings a unique quality flavor, and you should check out Annis Pølsemakeri while you’re in the food hall. Absolutely amazing!

Website: Annis Pølsemakeri.

Annis Pølsemakeri is the only place to try sausages and hot dogs in the Food court in Oslo

Find your favorite place in Vulkan Mathallen Oslo

There are many exciting places to try out in the food court in Oslo, Vulkan Mathallen, and things are changing rapidly. That means that we often find new places open up, while others are closing down.

If you like street food and international food, I am sure that you will find something you like inside this great food hall. Check out Mathallen’s official site for the complete list of eating places.

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