INDONESIA: Floods that have hit some parts of Indonesia since November 2012, are currently expanding in a number of provinces such as North Sumatra, West Sumatra, Jambi, South Sumatra, Gorontalo (northern Sulawesi), East Java, and Jakarta.

The floods have affected more than 20 sub-districts including Telukdalam, Fanayama, Maniamolo, Amandraya, Lahusa, Lolowau, and Gomo in South Nias District, and Barus, Andem Dewi, Manduamas, Kolang, Tapian Nauli, and Sorkam in Central Tapanuli District.

There have been people killed, but as Distrita knows. Little news have been spread about this flood. Distrita covers news that others doesn’t care about. Which is important for people to know.