You may have seen some of Distrita’s posts about the weather in the world. This summer, Iceland have seen one of the worst summers in many years. So to see Winterish conditions with First Snow forecasted at the Europe continent. Will give the Icelandic people winter before autumn has even had a chance to begin. This is really interesting.

First Snow in Northern parts of Iceland, Europe this Week

The Icelandic Met Office has posted a yellow alert for Wednesday, which could give some very early snow showers for the northern parts of Iceland.

“On Wednesday, northerly 15-23 m/s is forecast, strongest wind in the southeast part in the evening,” the alert reads in part. “The northerly wind brings precipitation to the north and east parts of Iceland, from the Westfjords to the Eastfjords. The precipitation is expected to be mostly rain, but sleet or snow more than 500-600 meters above sea level.”

The very first Snow and rain will likely continue in the north after Wednesday, especially on mountain passes. This will make driving conditions through the area during that time very interesting. Be sure to have correct tyres when driving in such conditions.

First Snow on Iceland

Not just Snow but Huge winds to attack southern part of Iceland

Not that those living in the south of the country should feel any better. The driving conditions there will be hard too because of strong wind. In south of Iceland there will be strong winds near the mountains. This can become hazardous to vehicles susceptible to wind.

Loose objects can be blown away in the south because of the wind. Blowing sand is possible in the southeast part in the evening too reports.

The forecast got some issues about how bad the winds and the precipitation will get. But be aware for the weather. Check it out if you are travelling on one of Europes smallest populated island countries.

So, do take care! Be safe! It will be interesting to know how much snow will come. So now you know! Winter is here and its September in Europe.