Bybanen Light Rail is one of the most successful transit constructions in Norway. It is also the reason for Aarhus in Denmark to open their light rail network also.

Aarhus actually bought the very same Stadler Variotram (42 m long, 2.65 m wide) light rail cars because of Bergen. Aarhus also bough Stadler Variotram light rail cars that can operate in tram-train mode which means that some of the lines in Aarhus area can also run on the Danish railways tracks.

Tunnel Light Rail Construction Signed

This tunnel construction contract was signed today. It was made for the construction of the Løvstakktunnel (tunnel) with the Swiss company Marti Tunnelbau AG.

The contract is not small. It is worth of a whooping 800 million NOK which is about 82 EURO. It is the first major contract for the development of the Bybanen to Fyllingsdalen which is now under fully construction. So now this new light rail line in Bergen is really on the move.

First major contract for the Bybanen Light Rail route to Fyllingsdalen

photosource: Åse Solvi – Amazing photo of Bybanen light rail during the night.

Two Tunnels will be 2900 meters longwhen completed

The contract covers the driving and equipment of two tunnels at 2900 meters through the Løvstakken and also between Mindemyren and Fyllingsdalen.

In this construction they will construct the longest bicycle tunnel with pedestrian support in the world. In addition, the contract also includes the construction of mountain halls on Fyllingsdal side for depots for the light rail trains.

Close competition of the Light Rail tunnel construction

“There was very close competition on the mission, with highly skilled companies that participated.
Bybanen Utbygging is pleased that such a skilled company participated in the competition so that it was possible to choose on the top shelf, says project manager at Bybanen Utbygging, Roger Skoglie.

Marti Tunnelbau AG is a family owned business that started up its business back in 1922 with headquarters in Bern, Switzerland. A city with lots of love for trams.

At the moment this company got offices in Norway, Iceland, Germany, Austria, Spain, Slovakia, Chile, China, Hong Kong and India, with a total of 6500 employees, of which 25 are added in Norway.

First major contract for the Bybanen Light Rail route to Fyllingsdalen

photosource: Helge Kvalheim – Bybanen blends nicely in the city center of Bergen. Norways second largest city.

New Light Rail line to Fyllingsdalen in Bergen soon

This new light rail line will run from the city center of Bergen. Then the line will go underground. This new line will also have a underground light rail station just under the huge Haukeland hospital. This underground station will become one of the very first complete light rail underground station in Norway.

The airport of Bergen where Line 1 ends does have a underground station, but the station itself is constructed in a way so that lots of natural light hits the platforms. It is a underground station, but it doesn’t feel like it at all.

It is Nicely done though. Bystasjonen station is also a kinda underground station since the building is covering it. But it’s not inside a tunnel.

Bergen Light Rail is Finally Extended, First major contract for the Bybanen Light Rail route to Fyllingsdalen

photosource: Michal Bergseth – Nice photo of Bergen Light Rail.

The construction of this light rail line is important for Bergen which is Norways second biggest city.

Plans to extend this light rail network to Åsane is also progressing well. The biggest discussion is still going on. The main debate is about construction of rails on the docks or in a tunnel thru the center.

Distrita will update you on this later. To see Bybanen light rail progressing so well is really good to see. But Bergen should construct everything now instead of waiting, we think. Porto in Portugal did this!


Source: Bybanen Construction Facebook page Photosource: Åse Solvi – Note: Distrita can use photos on Bybanen Construction page. Permission to this was given in June 2017.