On 11th of February 2019, the light rail tram service in Firenze, Italy got a worthy opening date. Now it is reaching the airport, which means you can reach the city center in a much easier way.

Light Rail Tram line T2 is Now Open for Service

Since 11th of February T2 is extended by 5km from Peretola-Aeroporto to Unità in Firenze, Italy. Which means that T2 connects the airport and the central train station. In total, T2 is now 5.4km as it is sharing a small section in the city center of Firenze with T1.

The locals of Firenze named their second new T2 line, Vespucci line. The T1 line was named Leonardo. Both of the lines meet at Almanni Stazione just beside the central train station in Firenze, Italy.

Firenze Light Rail T2 Now Reaches the Airport

Its taken the city only 6 months after T1 was opened to open T2. A huge milestone is a fact that the travelers now doesn’t need to take any bus or taxi between the airport and the central train station.

Here is a map of the routes for both T1 and T2

Get around in Firenze with one 90 Minutes ticket

Firenze Light Rail T2 Now Reaches the AirportThe company that runs the light rail trams in Firenze is GEST. A company that is part of the RATP company which is operating the underground in Paris.

GEST company tickets are many. The company got various tickets with the cheapest single ticket working for 90 minutes, which is pretty awesome. In Oslo, the cheapest ticket works for only 60 minutes. The pricing of the 90 minutes ticket is also very bearable at only 1.50 Euro. This is the cheapest one can be bought from vending machines. If you choose to use SMS for paying the single ticket then it is a bit more expensive and if you want to pay to the driver then the pricing is at 2.50 Euro.

Comfortable trams that take almost all sorts of passengers

The rolling stock that is running on the streets of Firenze is Ansaldo Sirio. They have a modern look and feel. All of the trams are low-floor as well. This means that the elderly or people with special assistance can get to their destinations without bigger issues.

Check out more about what the company offers on its website. The entire website is only in Italian. So we hope you got some interesting info in this article.

Firenze Light Rail T2 Now Reaches the Airport
picture source: Pixabay – Beautiful Firenze sunset

It is interesting to see that the smaller Italian cities are all capable of delivering much better environmental solutions than Rome which is the capital. Together with Bergamo, Padua, Brescia, Napoli, Messina, Venezia, Torino, Milano, and Palermo. Firenze is now doing important steps for a much better future for its people.

The only thing that this construction lacks as we see it is to have much more grass. The concreted tracks look nice but they do not provide more oxygen. Grass avenues will also absorb the raindrops from rainfalls also. Other than this we don’t see anything more to comment.

We really hope that this is not the end of the light rail tram construction in the city. Firenze needed this. It lifted up the city. Congratulations!



Source: GEST