This Mozilla made browser is one of the oldest still alive. Firefox was born over 15 years ago on 23rd of September 2002. However, if we count with Netscape which also was a Mozilla product. Then its 22 years ago. This was once the dominant browser in terms of usage. However, when Microsoft decided to put Internet Explorer into their Windows operating system. Then they sort of fell behind Internet Explorer which was a huge threat as Microsoft wanted to create their own net and not a open net like Netscape wanted. And so the free world of browsers won more and more after Firefox release in 2002.

60 million downloads within the first nine months of Firefox existence

Until 2009, Firefox had a steady grow. The peak ended at 32% before declining again as a result of Google Chrome launch. So, in 2009 Firefox 3.5 was then world’s most popular web browser worldwide. However, Google Chrome have taken humongous of shares and now Firefox got about 13.6% of worldwide usage. Firefox is still the most popular desktop browser in Cuba, Eritrea and Germany.

It is sad however to see that 60 million downloads that happened in 2002 have gone over to Google Chrome. However, the webkit standard that have been tweaked by both Google and Apple runs more fluid on slower computers and mobiles. Firefox tend to demand more, but now with Firefox Quantum release they have focused on making Firefox less heavy and faster.

Massive speed upgrade in the latest Firefox Quantum Release

We have just downloaded the upgrade, that you can get from website. It really looks and feels faster. Also all of the tabs and animations makes Firefox Quantum look better than Google Chrome. The turbo charged performance is a really nice feature added to Firefox as now this browser can really start to gain more users again. Google Chrome had too much market share until now, so it is really nice to see Mozilla releasing a new Firefox version. It is out for Windows, OSX and various Linux distros.

We at Distrita recommends you to download the latest version at !


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