Finn VS Ebay in Norway

Where do you go for getting used things on-line? Here in Norway we have a service called that is really a big competitor to Ebay and is infact a reason why Ebay never started a Norwegian version of the site. Finn is a service site for selling stuff, selling houses or let people find jobs. This site is huge, but we will concentrate on the selling stuff part.

Here I describe the functions and gives the sites goals and flaws points with verdicts in the areas they compete.

Design of the site, Finn +1 Ebay 0

Verdict: You feel instantly from a Norwegian point of view that Finn have been designed in such way that even grandma can understand. Ebay on the other hand is messy. Yes Ebay is more about auctions, but you do have buy now buttons here and there. The Finn system is cleaerer and better.

Costs for using the site, Finn +1 Ebay 0

Verdict: Ebay sellers are charged fees for listing items and again when those items are sold. On Finn site this was the case before, but they removed the cost.

Communication with Sellers of items, Finn +1 Ebay +1

Verdict: The way you interact with sellers of items is also good at Finn. On Ebay this works also. You really don’t know how the seller is, so asking first is a good thing if you have questions regarding the item that you want to buy.

Security and Help, Finn +1, Ebay 0

Verdict: There is something about American companies. They try to hide their customer service as much as they want. Just look at Ebay or even Google as the worst example. They have so many services, but to get in touch with them about something is almost impossible. Ebay needs you to login. When it comes to Finn, you have a great customer service with a normal number that anyone can call. You can even chat with the staff during the opening hours. It feels much more safe I think.

Conclusion: 4 VS 1 points. Finn wins cleaerly this match. However. The items sold on the sites is quite different. People who wants more retro computing stuff will find more things on Ebay than on Finn usually. Finn however got such a nice service at the same time as it is giving the same quality of service. So if you are Norwegian, it is safer all in all to use

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