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For the most affordable travel experience in Oslo. You should pay for traveling in the city with public transportation. The tickets are quite affordable compared to the fines that you can get if you travel without a legal ticket. Because if you don’t pay and get fined you will be in trouble. Oslo, Norway is one of the world’s most expensive capitals in the world.

The capital of Norway got 5 metro lines, 6 tram lines, over 40 bus lines, a few train lines, and ferries. You should pay or your wallet might get very empty. Here is why!

No ticket checking door machines on Oslo Metro

Unlike the transit systems that you find in Paris, London, Tokyo and Barcelona where they have ticket doors that prevent you from entering the Metro station area without a valid ticket aren’t available in Oslo. The town tried to implement such a system, but no one in Oslo wanted the system. Also, the company behind it didn’t deliver parts as promised. So they were never put in use.

Last year the public transportation company Ruter removed them completely after many years without any usage. So now none of the stations have ticket checking door machines anymore. But you still need to have a valid ticket. If you don’t and get caught by Ruter ticket checking personnel. Then the fines can be really high and you don’t want that to happen.

Fines for getting caught without a ticket in Oslo, Norway

Adults over 18 years: 950 NOK (95.06 Euro) or 1150 NOK (115.07 Euro)

Children and young persons under 18 years: 950 NOK (95.06 Euro)

Forgery: 2000 NOK (200.12 Euro)

If you can pay on the spot then the fine is only 950 NOK. But if you don’t want or can’t pay on the spot then you must pay 1150 NOK within 14 days. For children and younger persons under 18, the price is 950 NOK regardless of the method of payment. In many cases, it is the parents of these young ones that must pay the fines. If forgery is found. Then the ticket will be confiscated on the spot and the fine will be 2000 NOK.

So, if you travel without a ticket and get caught in Oslo then that can really put your vacation or visit experience to a halt. So be always sure to buy the tickets and make sure that you validate them before you enter a public transport service or do it on your mobile.

Ruter ticket checking personnel

Because of a much more free station policy in Oslo. Many young and other types of people likes to ride with services without tickets. They think that they will not get caught and takes risks. But what they don’t know is that the ticket checking personnel can sometimes enter the bus, tram, metro, boat or train without suits. They just enter the service without you knowing it. Sometimes they sit in different places and then at the right time they stand up and start to check everyone.

Sometimes the ticket checking personnel checks people on public transport services. But at other times they just seal off sections of the underground stations and to ticket checking on either all that leaves or enters the station. This is most common on the Metro in Oslo. You can meet them often in the weeks at Jernbanetorget (Oslo Central Train station for the Metro), Grønland and Stortinget. But other stations such as Nationaltheateret and Tøyen also got them from time to time.

Fine for riding light rail Tram and Metro without ticket in Oslo, Norway 2

No need to Check Out in Oslo, Norway

In several cities across Europe such as Amsterdam, you need to tap your card to ticket validating machines when you want to leave the tram, metro or bus. But in Oslo, Norway you only need to validate the tickets once after you have bought them. Ruter wanted to make Oslo people checkouts but people refused to do it and so the company skipped the whole check out functionality.

Once you have bought your single ticket or any other ticket that works for 1 hour or more. You only need to validate it once if it is bought at kiosks such as Narvesen or 7-11. The same goes for tickets that are bought in vending machines.

If you have bought your tickets through the Ruter ticket app (Ruter Billettapp) which you find on Apple Store and on Google Play. There you can buy the exact same tickets as from a kiosk or a vending machine. So using tickets in Oslo ain’t that stressful when you have bought them. Just activate them either by tapping to a ticket validating machine which is standing almost everywhere on metro stations, inside boats, buses and trams, etc. You can also use the national railway ticket validating machines within the borders of Oslo.

So with this, we wish you a nice public transportation journey in Oslo.

Oslo Public Transportation FAQ

What to do if the ticket expires before the journey has finished?

You are not required to buy a new ticket as long as the ticket was valid when you boarded. However, if you are transferring to a different line or other means of transport after the ticket has expired, you must buy a new ticket.

What should I do if Ruter ticket app is out of order?

If there is a fault in our ticket app, ticket inspectors, drivers and ticketing personnel will be notified and you will be permitted to travel. If you are unable to obtain a valid ticket by other means, you will not receive a fine. If the app is out of order due to technical faults for which Ruter is responsible, a message will appear in the app allowing you to travel ticketless during the following 30 minutes. You must show this message to the driver (on buses and trams), ticketing personnel (on ferries) or the ticket inspector.

What happens if I have bought a ticket but not validated it?

In order to be valid, your ticket must be activated using a validator. Otherwise you will receive a fine during a ticket inspection.

The Fines will be as follow:
Adults over 18 years: 950 NOK or 1150 NOK
Children and young persons under 18 years: 950 NOK
Forgery: 2000 NOK

What is the fines in Euro?

Adults over 18 years: 95.06 Euro or 115.07 Euro
Children and young persons under 18 years: 95.06 Euro
Forgery: 200.12 Euro

What zones can be used with a single ticket in Oslo?

You can use it on the entire metro and tram network. For bus and train lines the ticket is valid within Oslo. Some buses can be used to areas such as Fornebu which is outside of Oslo. But if you goto Sofiemyr you need to pay.

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Source: Ruter, Distrita Own Experience