Today is a new day for the citizens of Firenze, Italy. With more than 370.000,  T1 Light Rail tram line is a good gift for the citizens in this Italian town.

This light rail tram route, have been under construction for many years. Since 2010, when the very first stretch of the line got opened. Firenze have been a huge construction site with lots of noise disturbing. But from today on, Firenze got this line complete. Congratulations! Finally, many parts of Firenze can sleep better from today.

Ansaldo Sirio light rail tram wagons takes you thru Firenze

From today on, you can take the tram all the way from Villa Costanza in the west side of the city to Careggi-Ospedale in the north-east. The total length of the line is now 11.5 km and connects 3 important train stations in the city. This line also goes beneath Arno river, which flows thru the city as seen on the map below.

Later on. This T1 Light Rail tram line will be connected with the Firenze Airport. But that will happen later. Also, you can see on the map that in the northern part the line divides up a bit after Leopoldo station. Pogetto and Vittorio Emanuele II stations are for the north (right) going trams, while Dalmazia and Piscane are for the south (left) going trams.

The whole line uses Ansaldo Sirio trams with a sound that is similar to the trams from Italy that runs on the streets of Oslo, Norway.

T1 Light Rail Tram Line is now Complete

Is it a tram, tramway or light rail line, and what is the differences?

After some heavy discussion,.. we came to the conclusion that this is a light rail tram route. It is in the same category as the light rail tram in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which you can read about here , and we have also looked at the tramway constructions here which is very well made. In the last link, Distrita wrote also about tramway solutions for other cities. But, when the trams runs on reserved right-of-way everywhere with level crossings and the fact that they connect other nearby places outside of the city, they do become light rail tram routes. We also mentioned that Bybanen in Bergen is a light rail tram route too.

So, the main differences between a tram and a light rail tram route is that the tram shares the route with the cars in some areas. This happens in Oslo, Lisbon and Den Haag to name a few cities having that. Some tram lines crosses city border limits, so those that like to say that light rail is a tramway got it right too. But the main point is rather if the trains runs on streets with cars or not in our opinion. So, the Tenerife tramway is a Light Rail tram network too.